30 December 2010


tomorrow . i'm going back to my campus and this is quite hurting . i feel sad and quite emotional for few days before i step my foot on the educational ground . i feel like,urghhh ! many things to be thinking for, many things to do, many things to be paid off, arghh, byklah . need to deal with emotions again, when we see the people that we don't really like, or mostly the assignments .

sedey kan ? for those people who live near the campus, its not a big deal lah kan , every week bole balek . so, this is not really matters for them . if they feel stressed out, they can just go back . if they don't have money, balek jela. ape lg tggu kan . itulah kelebihan org yg duduk dekat ngan campus . for those who live miles away from campus, haha, sabo jelah . well, we can considered ourselves as 'anak perantau' . actually, i'm not really anak perantau lah since i have uncles and relatives here . hah,what ever lah !

okay,no more getting up late everyday, no more feeding the cats, no more watching the tv until late midnight, no more gayutgayut, no more fighting with my lil bro, ouch ! feel sad about this . but, we need to move on . feel sad, huhu. takpela . time will heal it .

so proud of you heroes . i mean, the football team . well, cewekcewek suda mula berebut KF or officially known as Khairul Fahmi . hee,sape tak knal dye skrg ney . sape tak knal,malu ah . takya jd rakyat M'sia ah . for 14 years of waiting, at last, we own the glory man ! Piala AFF .huhu. such a big proud ! tenkiu heroes ! i watched them , even though i'm not really into this football thingy . such a big fat proud of all of you ! *clapclap* semangat nk balek IPBA . haha !

okay, thats all. new year's resolutions, humm. i'll just keep it inside the heart . tata all . please pray for my long journey tomorrow . gudnyte people. salam ~

26 December 2010

oh yeahh !

Assalamualaikum . owww man ! it has been quite a long time i didn't post anything ayte ? (eleh,sape nk bace blog ney . kankankan?) haha, i don't even care . actually, i have many things to write, thinking that i was just super duper extremely lazy until i feel it has nothing to do with Fb,twitter and all that .

PMR result has just announced . oh yeah ! my lil bro's result was beyond our expectations and the ceremony was awesome awesome awesomeeee ! oh yeah,congrats lil bro . nanti boleh la blanja i Kentucky Fried Chicken . yayyyy !

okay, a few days left for new year celebration ! oh yeah. it means i need to go back to my paradise . hehe. friends will know. ohhh, i im forced to take all my things from block 3 to blck 5. migration, berhijrah la katekan . well,thank you for the people from the paradise . i mean, the people who are working for the paradise and the penghuni .

okay, lets start thinking about the new year resolutions . haa,nk kurus,nk byk duwet, ape lg nak ?
haaa, hahaha !

till we meet again, muachsss ! lovelovelove!

14 December 2010

~ nightmare ~

oh gosh ! i had a terrible -awful-most crazy - dream last night . it was about a ceremony . there were too many students, were talking each other . some of them were obviously happy and some of them were not . okay . i realized that it was a result-taking ceremony. oh gosh ! i could see people crying happily and vice versa . okay,it was my turn. i walked steadily, without people knowing how fast my heart was beating at that time, and zappppppppp ! i stared at the piece of paper, i took 4 subjects . 2 A's and 2 D's. what does it mean people ? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa again ! the grade 'D' itself shows that I was sooooo near to the word 'fail' . and right now IPBArians especially my cohort, PPSIMP Tesl , friends of mine, are busy spreading the rumours that lots of students have failed one paper, LDV paper . okay, rumours . and IPBA, don't call me . thank you .

oh God, please tell me that it was just a nightmare ! !

10 December 2010

tagged . tagged .

ohh, it has been quite a long time i didn't play this 'taggy' thing. so, a gargantuan-thank-you to my roommate for giving me this golden opportunity to play with this tag thingy again. haha ! mcm dpt anugerah ABPH jek .

so, don't have to waste our precious time . lets begin !

1. Adakah anda rasa anda HOT?

hmm. nope . im hot when im cooking . panas woo dapur .

2. Update wallpaper anda guna sekarang.

3. Cerita about this picture

can u see that girl ? sexy ayte ? haha, it doesnt mean i want to be sexy like her . can you see her eyes ? she's looking upward and forward . that's is what i'm doing now. i'm looking forward, reaching the future . i'm aiming the best level for my life , my family, my country and my religion.

can u see the bird ? i want to fly as high as i could, so that i will reach the sky . the sky is my limit . the bird is also looking upward . aiming for the best future .

then, green colour . well, it's nice , isn't it ?

there's no people around that girl and the bird, means no one can stop them from reaching the goals. they will not influenced by bad words by bad people. as long as they know themselves, they know that they are doing the right things .

it inspires me . each time i look at my lappie . wehaaa !

4. Kali terakhir makan pizza.

i think with the Maepa II participants . around October this year something .

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar.

Broken Angel by Helena ft. Arash . credit goes to Mr. Aziz . :)

6. Apa yang and buat selain selesaikan tag ni?

downloading themes for my phone . :) credit goes to Miss Shuhada.

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dengan nama apa?

ohhh, i've been called by my own name. :)

8. Tag lagi 5 orang

ustaz takkompom.
kak hida

9. Siapa orang nombor 1 dengan anda?

ohhh, he's my ustaz lah ! :) haha, ustaz wannabe, my friend, IPG friend. :)

10. Katakan sesuatu kepada orang nombor 5.

i think she's a nice sweet girl . kan kan kan ? we met via FB actually . :)

11. Nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?

awek pisang goreng panas depan umah kowt . rasenye lah . haha !

12. Bagaimana pula dengan nombor 2

she's a nice girl kate nk bertaubat, takmo maen cintan dh . hahaha !

13. Kata-kata cinta pada orang nombor 4?

haha, ades . kne tny yg pakar neyh . :) i miss you, lame gile tak contact .

14. Berikan 4 fakta yang anda tahu tentang orang yang anda tag:

Fb friends . boys and girls. they are sweet and nice . they are homosapien for sure . :)

okay, for those who have been tagged, pepandai lah nk buat ye, enjoyyy ! :)

09 December 2010

too many things !

i have FB,tumblr,twitter,blog (the only one is this),ym,skype, tagged, hi5,fb,ms .
rawwwrrr !
all of these is just because just wanna try new things .
syok klu gune only one password to access through all these thingy . menyampah jugak klu username laenlaen . tak lrt nk ingt . hehe .
ohh, holiday mmg la layan semue bnde ney sbb nothing much to do at home. mandi,makan,masak je. except for those yg pegi amek license or whatever . okay, i dun have my license yet . yay!
one step into IPBA, FB jela. even blog also will be rarely (do we have the word 'seldomly'?) updated . haha !

i downloaded the Google Chrome . okay, ketinggalan zaman . haiyaaa !

i wonder why my lips are getting drier day by day . :(

07 December 2010

06 December 2010


wake up about at six a.m.
perform solah Subuh.
give the cats their early breakfast .
watching them eating .
sleepy, sleep again .
parents go to work .
wake up at 9 a.m.
walking around the house .
take bath .
look into the refrigerator .
clean the house .
cook for lunch .
feed the cats with their lunch .
2 p.m. fb, blogging .
blog jumping over here and there .
5 p.m. take bath again .
tea time . Hup Seng biscuit with hot tea . yummy !
7 p.m. Maghrib .
8 p.m novel time .
10 p.m tv time .
2 a.m . sleep again .

okay, gemok .

01 December 2010

hooray !

hipphupp hooray ! received an award form my classmate (tetibe jek tingat IPBA), ingke @ iqa @ boinkboink . this ain't my first award actually . it is my 3rd award . so, a token of appreciation to u miss boinkboink .kinda nicey nice award . btw, how do people make this award ha ? it continues to puzzle me . anyone ??

Sila jelaskan kenapa anda suka ber-blog?
@ the ultimate purpose is to mrepek mraban in English . kinda want to improve my English as well. i love to read my blog actually . and realized massive mistakes there. share my opinions, my thoughts and my feelings as well.i don't like people to judge my blog. because, i don't judge other's blog. is that enough ? haha ! @

Apa motif anda tarik followers? Anda superstar kah?
@ err,followers ? not at all. i really appreciate when people follow my blog. @

Cerita sikit perangai anda
@ sensitive (well,girl). i will go mad when things are doing wrong . i hate blurr people who are acting not at their age . i love to judge people who are doing good in their business. i always believe, we can do anything that we want
, as long as we have the effort to do it . @

Pernah terfikir nak masuk magazine aka mewar-warkan mewara-warakan belog anda? Mengapa?
@ nope.@

Sila tembak bloggers lain.

@famous blogger . (^_^)@

~ merazati ~
~ azham ~
~ abg yan ~
~abg ijad ~
~ ustaz takkompom ~

enjoy it ! (^_^)

28 November 2010

. lost .

i always imagine, what if the people whom i love the most, died one day ? for example, my mum, my dad, my lil bro, relatives or close friends . what should i do ? the pain will take time eventually . sadness, tears, giving up will fill up the atmosphere .

the journey of life teaches me that death is inevitable . even Islam says so . no one is immortal . every living thing will face death .

recently, i got so many news abouth death. my friends, their dads, their mums, or their relatives . because of illness or accidents . the accidents are the worst . lately, we have quite a number of bus accidents or vehicles involved . oh my !

as a Muslim, we should remember that death is the thing that is the closest to us. we can even die anytime and anywhere. when we are sleeping, while eating, while talking bad about other people . even when we are standing or blogging . we can die anytime .

Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda yang bermaksud : Orang yang paling bijaksana di kalangan kamu ialah orang yang sentiasa menghisab dan menghitung dirinya serta beramal sebagai persedian untuk mengadap Allah taala selepas mati . Sedangkan orang yang kurang waras ialah orang yang sentiasa menuruti hawa nafsunya dan sentiasa berangan-angan kosong terhadap Allah . ( Riwayat Tirmizi )

may Allah bless . thanks for reading . (^_^)

. tumblr .

err . i just figured out sumthing . it is Tumblr . well, i have an account . but, i am still new to it . i don't even know the functions well . but, i am still trying to discover it . so, for those who own the Tumblr account, kindly please add me because i am still new to it. perhaps u guys can show me something . thank you ! (^_^)

click here if u wanna add me . :)

i am new. i am fresh . so, don't expect too much for my tumblr . hihi !

mr snowman.

in the northern part of the world (northern Hemisphere), winter starts now. november till january if im not mistaken. so, the status of people who are studying overseas yg jauh di mata start to express their eagernees waiting for the snow .

oh ,sungguh jeles di situ . waaaa !

jealous . . . jealous . . . jealous . . .

psst, Malaysia bila nk ada snow ehh ? hihi ! (^_^) crap !

25 November 2010

. ngangkung .

since my parents can't 'duk sajasaja' at home, so we decided to have a movie watch at The Alor Star Mall nearby . er, not so nearby, few miles from our home . abah was so confused to choose the movie, so my lil bro chose 'Ngangkung'. i preferred to watch Harry Potter, but it will only start at 4.45 p.m. my dad wanted to watch Rapunzel, the same problem . it started at 5 p.m. so, easy way, we watched 'Ngangkung' since the trailer is not too bad i reckon .

a typical Malay story . comedy movie . it was directed by Ismail Bob Hasim and everyone knows he is a famous movie director . Shaheizy Sam, Angah Raja Lawak, Azad Jasmin, Eira Syazira, Puti Mardiana, Farisha Fatin, Lan Pet Pet are some of the casts . well, Shaheizy acted out well as a sweet loving father . i mean it . i think, he could a very lovely sweet handsome father in future . he played his role well . the same goes to other casts too !

what is 'Ngangkung' actually ? i just know that 'Ngangkung' is the dark art to ask for lottery . mcm nk mntak number ekor ah dekat jin and syaiton . haha ! lemme tell u this . the hantu in this movie is sooooo funny, comel. ayu gitu . if u don't believe me, go and watch for yourself !

a gargantuan thank-you to my abah sbb belanja my family tgk this movie . tenkiu abah ! (^_^)

here's some info bout this marvellous movie .

A story of 3 bestfriends, played by Shaheizy Sam, Azad Jazmin & Angah (Raja Lawak) who loved 'Ngangkung' (Dark art to ask for lottery). Azim (Shaheizy Sam) is a common worker who already been married and has a daughter named Wahida (Farisha Fatin). Taznim invited Azim to join him and Wan (Angah Raja Lawak) to go 'mengangkung'. Even though their wives (Eira Syazira & Putri Mardiana) disagree with their habit, but they still insist to be rich in an easier way. Many humorous and horrified things happen while they were trying to reach their dream to be rich. What will happen?Can they fulfill their dreams ?

the backbone of 'Ngangkung'

24 November 2010

chica torpe grandes

gulp ! i was playing with the applications on the Facebook . and i took 'i dare you' application . so, it challenges me with the poem that i need to create for the first person who like the post . and it is Jaja . wekk, specially made for you .

Chica torpe grandes
she a chica
a big big girl
with a big mind, big heart .
nothing is impossible for her, as she is always happy.
it continues to puzzle me .
why she always seems like don't have problems .
does she take this life for granted ?
of course not .
i know, she wouldnt.
i admire the big passion in her .
the big heart .
the big soul in her .
the big spirit in her soul .
there's a faith in her .
she believes, if we always follow the flow of the life .
everything will be fine .
nurulsufi .

haha, okay . mmg nonsense gila poem ney . sorry ah. i don't have the talent to make poems yet . we'll see soon if i rajen . haha. :p

huh !

ari ni sngt bengang !

bengang ngan adik .

akibat ?

tak lunch bersama family.

lunch sensorang .

23 November 2010

run baby run !

i chose this title, it reminds me to a song . a popular song i reckon, by We The Kings, entitled Check Yes Juliet .

i want to write a little bit about this song . it suddenly appears in my mind when i was thinking about this post . actually, this song is one of my favourite songs . nice song . with perfect lyrics . run baby run, don't ever look back. they'll tear us apart, if you give them the chance . lalalaa . sedapsedap. try to listen to it . :) u'll like this song !~

okay . back to the real business . SPM has just started. the same goes to STPM. the memories of SPM are still fresh.the memories of Mara Junior Science College Kubang Pasu . as the first batch (aiceyy,anak sulong ney ),lotsa memories are running in and out of my mind. the subject that i really hate was Additional Mathematics or popular known as Add Maths. oh my . i just couldnt stand with the lengthy answers that we were needed to write, especially in Paper II. i seldom passed the paper . mostly, i failed . do not be suprised with that okay . lack of practice and faith in myself made me took for granted on this subject . i was punished many times , standing on the chair, with juniors were looking at me (hahahaha!), standing outside the class because i was late . my Add Maths teacher is so punctual. even if i wanna go to ladies, she wouldnt easily give the pass . when i was in F5, whe was pregnant . (cikgu muda okay. ) and the day that i needed to present in front of the class, the ways how to solve some questions, she was in the ward. ahhahaha, so relieved ! at last, i only get B4 for my Add Maths . bole ah uh kan . hahha !

chemistry, nothing much . i love chemistry. especially, the calculating part . the relative atomic mass and relative molecular mass . haha, any counting related to chemistry . all of them are my favourite ! physics, always slept during the lessons. just like LDS class here in IPBA . haha, mmg fizik hancusss ! sorry . people always said that 'students who are excellent in Add Maths must be the master of Physics because of they are closely related'. okay, believe that. Biology, err. interesting. i only got an A for once . rest of them , B+ or B-. hahaha. or, if my luck was not lucky enough, i'll get C. BM,English. quite fascinating . because they love to tell stories . so, kinda of relax . mind therapy . hihi ! PAI, the subject will make eyes open as wide as they could when the topic is marriage . esp, the boys. hahaha !

friends. they are always funny, sometimes serious, sometimes can be too emotional . im still in touch with some of them . of course with the help of Facebook. some of them are studying at overseas, some of them are locally stayed . we were always helping each other and never have serious fighting among us . i really miss the moment, where we always worked, eat, study together . shared our laughter and sadness . ohhh my ! sobsobsob ! we studied until late midnite, staying with the torchlight (roomates) and the study lamp . tried to memorise everything . ate nasik lemak right after prep. haha, while eating with the hot gossips around the college. brushed teeth , wake up early in the morning during weekends , we jogged around the campus, brought along our tennis or badminton rackets . lying on the field because only few people will have morning walk in the early morning. right after the morning walked, went to back to our room . bathed, then sleep,. haha, woke up at about 10 or 11 am . hahahaha ! see, how good students spent their time . ohh, i really miss u guyss ! brought the handphones unlawfully . curikcurik pny . haha ! gossips . ohhh, there were sooo many gossips . gossips with the hot people and juniors . got love letters some more . crushes over here and there . studied in the library , buat bising bajet mcm study . hahaha ! there were some friends who have steady couple and they are still on until now . semoga sampai ke jinjang pelamin ! (^_^) i have a friend . a friend yg gila jujur pny orang . always have crushed everywhere. junior ka, senior ka (eh, we are the super duper seniors here ), semua dya nk rembat . haha, miss her damn so much ! now she's doing microbiology kowt at N9. all the best babe ! jum jog nak ? hahaha !

p/s - got a news . a student, one of SPM candidates, died right after listened to the exam briefing.

al-fatihah .

22 November 2010

the air of vampires .

yay, finally ! finished with the novel 'Eclipse' . i bought it before raya celebration ( Idulfitri ). i don't have ample time to read it because need to struggle with the big huge final exam . actually, i already watched the movies . oh, they are just perfect ! i can still remember one thing, after watching the movie, i went to ladies. i was needed to queue up because most of the movies finished at the same time . and people were finding their way to the ladies/men. a lady was on phone with her friend i think and she was sooooo excited telling her friend that she already watched 'Eclipse'. oh my . it was so funny . see, how people were so excited watching the movie until other people could see the happiness . it continues to puzzle me why people are additive to this Twilight, New Moon and so on . hahaha. but, i am part of the group too! maybe because of Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen)? or, the muscled Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) ? oh whatever the reasons are, they are superb ! Robert Pattinson who acted out as Edward Cullen is very gorgeous in the movie . oh my ! what a protective vampire he is . oh oh oh ! Kristen Stewart who acted perfectly as Isabela Swan is a clumsy , quite selfish and always in dilemma . pity her . but, she has a bloodsucker vampire boyfriend, who is as fast as a bullet form a gun. who can run well, play well. lalala . so, it's perfect . the thing is Bella is a human, Edward is a immortal vampire . Jasper and Alice are more obvious in this part of movie . ohh, btw, it's just a story .

another vampire story . a novel entitle 'Thirst'. but, i bought the 3rd series. it means, i missed the first & second part of Thirst by Christopher Pike . i am reading it . started last night, right after the 'Eclipse'. errr, too many characters in the novel . sometimes, i am confused . haih . it's okay,i'm still trying to understand it deeper . the language used is quite simple, much simpler than Stephenie Meyer (author of Eclipse). so, it is easier for a beginner of English language like me to read the novel . fuhh, interesting !

till we meet again ! (^_^)

20 November 2010

mixed pot .

the title for this entry is 'mixed pot'. i'm not sure why did i choose this title, whether it is interesting or not, i don't even care. maybe some mixed stories and emotions here.

first of all . i just know that our HOD and some wardens were discussing about the students who went back home before 19th of November . okay, i found out from my friend, Iqa . err, feel quite scared but i'm wondering why were they discussing about this. and furthermore, only English Department were involved in this meeting . oh my ! i know that i am wrong, went back soooo early . on Sat if im not mistaken . so whattt ? a week before the 'real' date . it is just because my dad couldnt pick me up the following week, thats why i went back a little bit early from the others . i just don't understand the system here . there were also some people who went back early, there's nothing much action were taken . whoever they are, they are still students ayte ? they are still under the 174 ayte ? huh . just don't understand . furthermore, we don't have classes anymore. why should we stay there ? who wants to celebrate the Eid there ? oh my ! whatever the punishments will be, please don't cut on our allowances . we still need the allowance for survival .

secondly. i've changed the layout for my blog. it's quite nice for me. but, fyi, i don't like it too much. it looks like a mess blog . but, when i was looking for something superb for my blog layout, this is the only marvellous superb gila chantek pny layout . i think so . i couldnt find any layout that is 'eye-catchy' enough for my blog . this is the one . layanlaaa ~

holidays . idk what to do during holidays time. (err, its actually holidays or holiday ? someone, help me with this thing). i bought a bunch of novels, err . Thirst, The Socerer's Apprentice, Eclipse, Shiver, Pride and Prejudice and many more. the list goes on. the thing is, i take a lot of time to finish even an English novel . i am quite slow in reading English materials (my bad!) and i'm trying to cope with it . ohhh . kesian teacher wannabe sorang ney kan . uhukuhukkuhukk ! okay, my mum is crazy listening to her favourite ustaz , Ustaz Kazim . every weekend, okay. almost everynight she will listen to him . repeat punya pon jalan . the same goes to my abah . tak habeshabes Ustaz Kazaim depa . my lil bro plak, sign in fb, chatting 24 hours non-stop with his beloved friends . haiyaa . mentangmentang exam da habes . he takes advantage on a pc and 2 laptops in my house . okay, good for him after the struggling period . let him socialize in the 'maya' world .

i have 2 new allergies . firstly, cats . even if i touch them, the virus will spread quickly, runs in my blood vessels. (nonsense ). okay, i just this new kind of allergy . and i really hate it . ohhh, suratan takdir nasibku ... i will get my eyes icthy, my nose running greatly with the fluid (oh goshh !) , headache, my body will become hotter and it's quite difficult for me to breath . ohhhh, kesian teacher wannabe nie kan . i can't even touch them, or be close to them . idk how to live in this house because we have 4 cats . awesome ayte ? okay, my cute big fat cats, stay outside . i will give your food, outside okay ? go and play, run awayyyy ! lalalalala. insane . another allergy is i'm allergic to dust . habukhabukhabuk . i think, most people have the same allergy as me ayte ? uhuk . it's just difficult for me to clean up my own room (yg berhabuk gila uhh) because i don't have maid or pembantu rumah to deal with the room . both of my parents are working, swasta plak uh . only a day of rest. so, no one is watching the room except for the invisible one. (jengjengjeng). so, a day of cleaning my own room, 4 days of flu ! ohh myy ! + cats some more . mmg berpenyakit ah .

so, thats all. byee . muchas thanks for reading !

18 November 2010

happy idul adha + happy anniversary !

happyhappyhappy Idul Adha for all Muslims around the world ! may Allah bless all of us . this celebration reminds us about the sacrifice made by the prophet Abraham and Ishmael . The prophet Abraham needed to sacrifice her son, Ishmael as an act of obedience to Allah. so, as Muslims, we need to celebrate this festival as a remembrance for this sacrifice .

and happy anniversary to my parents . hehe. may Allah bless your marriage with these two good kids . kankankan ? hahahaha ! i love both of you . (^_^) cepatcepat pegi haji ye . mmg jelesh tgk org len pegi haji en ? lallaaa . takpa, work hard,pray hard okay ? may Allah bless ! (^_^)

ade style tak rmbut kami ?

12 November 2010

! tengtong !

ohehe. nothing much to say, but too much to write . finished with the exam, lecturers (perhaps..haha !), the Batu Caves stairs of lovely and inspiring IPBA (muahaha, hyperbole !) baju kurung (lalalala), heels, locker yg mcm sarang tikus (opsss!), bilik yg sempit (wahh..tak bersyukor pny olang ), wardens and the list goes on .

actually, this post is specially made (wahhh !) to those people who helped me much, directly and indirectly for my one and half year here, in IPBA. haha, tenkiu so much to those people . you are so kind !

mentor - Madam Tan Aig Bee . (merangkap lecturer SS and LS)

i think i can't meet you before i say byebye to IPBA for 6 weeks, since you are happily in Qabul right now. but one thing is, i miss you ! haha, for almost 2 weeks you are not here . huuuu. tenkiu for the precious advice, thoughts and time . i really appreciate it , the advice that i most remember is "if you help people, people will help you". thank you so much madam. thank you for the golden opportunities that you gave me inside and outside the class. thank you for sometimes listening to our problems in the class . we know that you are a very busy person, but you were still there to listen to us . you are such a great listener. thank you so much for the guidance, show me the right path for the assignments . wheetwheet ! oh ya ! almost forgotten. thank you for the foods that you gave me . free of charge aite ? hahahaha ! love you !


Mr. Thirru @ Thirrummurthy ( LDV & LS )

oh sir, for the first time i saw you, i know you are a perfectionist . and, my assumption is right . haih . (=.=) but, i really enjoyed your lessons and class. quite demanding, but we moved on slowly to achieve your target. and our aim too . u show us the path, err. a worn path i reckon. but, honestly. one step in ur class, then, the mind starts thinking on serious issues happened on the earth . hahahaha ! i know that u are upset with our slow moving process, i'm so sorry . :( but, still wanna say thank you so much sir !

Madam Rekha. ( ES )

2 semesters being ur rep, thank you madam. thank you for the general knowledge that you gave us . ohh man. u are so great because you are rich ! rich in knowledge ! huh . i wish i can be like you . whuuuuu ! thank you so much madam . thank you for giving me high marks in the assignment. there's one thing that i can still remember until now. thank you ~ (^_^)
you said that 'sufi, you are good. you can go further you know'. oh my ! rasa mcm nk pengsan. but mam, muchas gracias for this motivating compliment. thank you so much !

Mr Razak

thank you sir . thank you for everything , and , i'm sorry because i always fall asleep in your class. i don't know why . i really love your class, especially the 'take five' part . we took thirty ! hahhaaha ! sorry sir, couldnt help with that . hihihi . i wish i can score your paper with colourful flying colours ! hope so, ameen .

and for all lecturers, Mr. Mano, Madam Noriah, and those who have taught me, thank you so much ! there's nothing much i can write here, but thank you !

classmates (semue ye, takde pilihpilih kaseh)

tenkiu for being my classmates . oh, sorry for everything . for harsh words or anything, i didn't meant that . sorry guys, i love you. thank you for being so much friendly. thank you !~

err, housemates (rase mcm same je housemates ngan classmates ney )

err, thank you ah . hehehe . i don't know what to say . hahaha . next year, klu ada rejeki, jumpe ah agy . hehehehehee. keep our house clean please !
kak nisa
oh sis, thank you so much for checking my assignments and everything that you have done to me . thank you so much. and sorry because i don't have time to see you again . you are going to graduate from ipba aite ? so, the percentage of not meeting each other is sooo high. its okay, we have fb aite ? so, make full use of fb now . btw, miss you and muchas gracias ! (^_^) hope u will be a great teacher in whatever u do in future ! love ya !
err, geng bearie, and song .

haha, the people are the same actually . tp takpe ahh. okay guys, be strong okay ? people may judge us like veryveryvery bad girls, but we know ourselves better aite ? so, ignore all the bad busuk compliments . just be ourselves . hehe, wherever u are eh . sayang awokawok semue ! muahmuahmuahhhh ! hehehhhe ! (^_^) maybe next year we won't see each other again for 24 hours, but, i really hope that we can just stay like this . hoyeah . enjoy your hols, okay !


so, millions big fat thank you to akakabang library, akakabang canteen, and all for helping me during my foundation year . thank you so much ! see you guys next year !

10 November 2010

~Dear God ~

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find
While I recall all the words you spoke to me
Can't help but wish that I was there
Back where I'd love to be, oh yeah

Dear God the only thing I ask of you is
to hold her when I'm not around,
when I'm much too far away
We all need that person who can be true to you
But I left her when I found her
And now I wish I'd stayed
’Cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
I'm missing you again oh no
Once again

There's nothing here for me on this barren road
There's no one here while the city sleeps
and all the shops are closed
Can't help but think of the times I've had with you
Pictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeah

Dear God the only thing I ask of you is
to hold her when I'm not around,
when I'm much too far away
We all need that person who can be true to you
I left her when I found her
And now I wish I'd stayed
’Cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
I'm missing you again oh no
Once again

Some search, never finding a way
Before long, they waste away
I found you, something told me to stay
I gave in, to selfish ways
And how I miss someone to hold
when hope begins to fade...

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find

Dear God the only thing I ask of you is
to hold her when I'm not around,
when I'm much too far away
We all need the person who can be true to you
I left her when I found her
And now I wish I'd stayed
’Cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
I'm missing you again oh no
Once again

! hiphip huuppp !

hahaha !
finally, it ends .
oh, alhamdulillah ...
feel so relieved !

the thing is, i wish i could go back to my hometown.
the place where i belong to .
i really wish i can go back.
reallyreallyreally .

i really miss them.
the people who understand me the most .
i can feel the heat around here.
i don't know why .

i miss the place where i can smile .
talking with people who are just like me .
listening to the people's voices whom i love so much.
oh Dear God, please . . .

07 November 2010

seize the day


hello guys ! act, wanna share sumthin . a vid, cool vid from Avenged Sevenfold . i really adore this song , maybe this a lame song for you . but, i really lovelovelove this video . seriously !

oh gosh !

06 November 2010

...gian tyme exam ...

hola guys ! como estas ? whoootwhooot ! tajuk mcm bes, tp tak best pown entry ney .

bengangggg !MySpace

apsal bnde "UNDEFINED" neyh still ade kt sni ??!! arghhh ! mencacatkan jek !

meh nk cerite psl cerite gian tyme exam . it happens around me . (^_^)

rumate sorang gian maen gitar . tp, disebabkan dye still
fresh, fresh dr ladang, so tak pndai maen lg la . right after LDS has finished, 3 of us (shima, iqa and I) rushed (ehehehe) to Amcorp to buy the guitar . at last ! so, giangian maen pown, exam ttap exam kak ! hahahaha ! betapa giannya kwn aku ney, smpai nk jual balek gitar dye sbb dye tak pndai maen . mi amor, nothing is easy in this world. if u wanna be like the hot guy, Syn, u must walk through hell. hahahaha !


sorang agy gian bergayut . i also don't have any ideas dye gayut ngan sape . (bf la kan...i reckon) so, mmg bermanjelah beliau bersame hp n bfnya itu . hahak !


okay. ney classmate plak . gian nk blaja bhse Mandarin, which I think "ohhh, that's good !" haha, but the funny part is, she wants to learn Mandarin so much because she wants to know what are those Chinese speaking about (my clasmates and others) . kowtkowt la ngumpat dye ke kan. hahahaha !! but, i have experience learning Mandarin . it is a hard language (for me ) because ade mcm nadanada tertentu . ahhh,susah ah nk cite nk sni . i've learnt some, but almost forgotten all (hahahaha) the rules on how to pronounce the words . itu pown blaja mase F2 . haha ~ (^_^)


okay, wanna storymory sket my own 'gianness'. hahahaha ! gian nk bace novel je skrg neyy ! English la kan, sbb terase mcm estupido jek English aku ney. ayat mcm tututttt ! haihhh. =.=.


act, i have a collection on novels (English + Malay ) but i haven't done on the reading part . i don't have any ideas when im going to finish reading all those thick books ! haiyak, but, be cool ~ one more, gian sesangat nk blaja Spanish ~ gilosmos ! oh God, ade sesape yg willing nk ajar sy Espanol tak ? puhlease , im begging ~~people are studying French, German, Korea and so on, but im crazy over that language . err, since I was in f1 I think . so, i started with some websites and also a compulsory site, Google Translator ! haha, tenkiu mi amor ! hahaha ! harusla gune Google Translator ney, an ultimate source ! haha ! i've learnt few words la, tp susah jugakla. mane ade bnde yg sng in this world kan . so, in a nutshell (aiseh,ayat karangan), *nothing is easy in this world, yet nothing is impossible . * kankankan ??


ha, have one more thing . my friend have found a website for cute blog background ! so, for those who want it, just click here . (^_^) hihi, enjoy !

now, i'm struggling with my blog and my thick books too ! hahahaha !MySpace

~ niela Syn ~

~ stylo ~

~ oh people, ignore the tatoos ~


MySpace~ mcm muke mase tgh study jek. hahah ! ~

~ lets learn Espanol ~

p/s - to all Maepa II participants,echo de menos a todos ustedes ! muachsss !