30 December 2010


tomorrow . i'm going back to my campus and this is quite hurting . i feel sad and quite emotional for few days before i step my foot on the educational ground . i feel like,urghhh ! many things to be thinking for, many things to do, many things to be paid off, arghh, byklah . need to deal with emotions again, when we see the people that we don't really like, or mostly the assignments .

sedey kan ? for those people who live near the campus, its not a big deal lah kan , every week bole balek . so, this is not really matters for them . if they feel stressed out, they can just go back . if they don't have money, balek jela. ape lg tggu kan . itulah kelebihan org yg duduk dekat ngan campus . for those who live miles away from campus, haha, sabo jelah . well, we can considered ourselves as 'anak perantau' . actually, i'm not really anak perantau lah since i have uncles and relatives here . hah,what ever lah !

okay,no more getting up late everyday, no more feeding the cats, no more watching the tv until late midnight, no more gayutgayut, no more fighting with my lil bro, ouch ! feel sad about this . but, we need to move on . feel sad, huhu. takpela . time will heal it .

so proud of you heroes . i mean, the football team . well, cewekcewek suda mula berebut KF or officially known as Khairul Fahmi . hee,sape tak knal dye skrg ney . sape tak knal,malu ah . takya jd rakyat M'sia ah . for 14 years of waiting, at last, we own the glory man ! Piala AFF .huhu. such a big proud ! tenkiu heroes ! i watched them , even though i'm not really into this football thingy . such a big fat proud of all of you ! *clapclap* semangat nk balek IPBA . haha !

okay, thats all. new year's resolutions, humm. i'll just keep it inside the heart . tata all . please pray for my long journey tomorrow . gudnyte people. salam ~

26 December 2010

oh yeahh !

Assalamualaikum . owww man ! it has been quite a long time i didn't post anything ayte ? (eleh,sape nk bace blog ney . kankankan?) haha, i don't even care . actually, i have many things to write, thinking that i was just super duper extremely lazy until i feel it has nothing to do with Fb,twitter and all that .

PMR result has just announced . oh yeah ! my lil bro's result was beyond our expectations and the ceremony was awesome awesome awesomeeee ! oh yeah,congrats lil bro . nanti boleh la blanja i Kentucky Fried Chicken . yayyyy !

okay, a few days left for new year celebration ! oh yeah. it means i need to go back to my paradise . hehe. friends will know. ohhh, i im forced to take all my things from block 3 to blck 5. migration, berhijrah la katekan . well,thank you for the people from the paradise . i mean, the people who are working for the paradise and the penghuni .

okay, lets start thinking about the new year resolutions . haa,nk kurus,nk byk duwet, ape lg nak ?
haaa, hahaha !

till we meet again, muachsss ! lovelovelove!

14 December 2010

~ nightmare ~

oh gosh ! i had a terrible -awful-most crazy - dream last night . it was about a ceremony . there were too many students, were talking each other . some of them were obviously happy and some of them were not . okay . i realized that it was a result-taking ceremony. oh gosh ! i could see people crying happily and vice versa . okay,it was my turn. i walked steadily, without people knowing how fast my heart was beating at that time, and zappppppppp ! i stared at the piece of paper, i took 4 subjects . 2 A's and 2 D's. what does it mean people ? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa again ! the grade 'D' itself shows that I was sooooo near to the word 'fail' . and right now IPBArians especially my cohort, PPSIMP Tesl , friends of mine, are busy spreading the rumours that lots of students have failed one paper, LDV paper . okay, rumours . and IPBA, don't call me . thank you .

oh God, please tell me that it was just a nightmare ! !

10 December 2010

tagged . tagged .

ohh, it has been quite a long time i didn't play this 'taggy' thing. so, a gargantuan-thank-you to my roommate for giving me this golden opportunity to play with this tag thingy again. haha ! mcm dpt anugerah ABPH jek .

so, don't have to waste our precious time . lets begin !

1. Adakah anda rasa anda HOT?

hmm. nope . im hot when im cooking . panas woo dapur .

2. Update wallpaper anda guna sekarang.

3. Cerita about this picture

can u see that girl ? sexy ayte ? haha, it doesnt mean i want to be sexy like her . can you see her eyes ? she's looking upward and forward . that's is what i'm doing now. i'm looking forward, reaching the future . i'm aiming the best level for my life , my family, my country and my religion.

can u see the bird ? i want to fly as high as i could, so that i will reach the sky . the sky is my limit . the bird is also looking upward . aiming for the best future .

then, green colour . well, it's nice , isn't it ?

there's no people around that girl and the bird, means no one can stop them from reaching the goals. they will not influenced by bad words by bad people. as long as they know themselves, they know that they are doing the right things .

it inspires me . each time i look at my lappie . wehaaa !

4. Kali terakhir makan pizza.

i think with the Maepa II participants . around October this year something .

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar.

Broken Angel by Helena ft. Arash . credit goes to Mr. Aziz . :)

6. Apa yang and buat selain selesaikan tag ni?

downloading themes for my phone . :) credit goes to Miss Shuhada.

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dengan nama apa?

ohhh, i've been called by my own name. :)

8. Tag lagi 5 orang

ustaz takkompom.
kak hida

9. Siapa orang nombor 1 dengan anda?

ohhh, he's my ustaz lah ! :) haha, ustaz wannabe, my friend, IPG friend. :)

10. Katakan sesuatu kepada orang nombor 5.

i think she's a nice sweet girl . kan kan kan ? we met via FB actually . :)

11. Nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?

awek pisang goreng panas depan umah kowt . rasenye lah . haha !

12. Bagaimana pula dengan nombor 2

she's a nice girl kate nk bertaubat, takmo maen cintan dh . hahaha !

13. Kata-kata cinta pada orang nombor 4?

haha, ades . kne tny yg pakar neyh . :) i miss you, lame gile tak contact .

14. Berikan 4 fakta yang anda tahu tentang orang yang anda tag:

Fb friends . boys and girls. they are sweet and nice . they are homosapien for sure . :)

okay, for those who have been tagged, pepandai lah nk buat ye, enjoyyy ! :)

09 December 2010

too many things !

i have FB,tumblr,twitter,blog (the only one is this),ym,skype, tagged, hi5,fb,ms .
rawwwrrr !
all of these is just because just wanna try new things .
syok klu gune only one password to access through all these thingy . menyampah jugak klu username laenlaen . tak lrt nk ingt . hehe .
ohh, holiday mmg la layan semue bnde ney sbb nothing much to do at home. mandi,makan,masak je. except for those yg pegi amek license or whatever . okay, i dun have my license yet . yay!
one step into IPBA, FB jela. even blog also will be rarely (do we have the word 'seldomly'?) updated . haha !

i downloaded the Google Chrome . okay, ketinggalan zaman . haiyaaa !

i wonder why my lips are getting drier day by day . :(

07 December 2010

06 December 2010


wake up about at six a.m.
perform solah Subuh.
give the cats their early breakfast .
watching them eating .
sleepy, sleep again .
parents go to work .
wake up at 9 a.m.
walking around the house .
take bath .
look into the refrigerator .
clean the house .
cook for lunch .
feed the cats with their lunch .
2 p.m. fb, blogging .
blog jumping over here and there .
5 p.m. take bath again .
tea time . Hup Seng biscuit with hot tea . yummy !
7 p.m. Maghrib .
8 p.m novel time .
10 p.m tv time .
2 a.m . sleep again .

okay, gemok .

01 December 2010

hooray !

hipphupp hooray ! received an award form my classmate (tetibe jek tingat IPBA), ingke @ iqa @ boinkboink . this ain't my first award actually . it is my 3rd award . so, a token of appreciation to u miss boinkboink .kinda nicey nice award . btw, how do people make this award ha ? it continues to puzzle me . anyone ??

Sila jelaskan kenapa anda suka ber-blog?
@ the ultimate purpose is to mrepek mraban in English . kinda want to improve my English as well. i love to read my blog actually . and realized massive mistakes there. share my opinions, my thoughts and my feelings as well.i don't like people to judge my blog. because, i don't judge other's blog. is that enough ? haha ! @

Apa motif anda tarik followers? Anda superstar kah?
@ err,followers ? not at all. i really appreciate when people follow my blog. @

Cerita sikit perangai anda
@ sensitive (well,girl). i will go mad when things are doing wrong . i hate blurr people who are acting not at their age . i love to judge people who are doing good in their business. i always believe, we can do anything that we want
, as long as we have the effort to do it . @

Pernah terfikir nak masuk magazine aka mewar-warkan mewara-warakan belog anda? Mengapa?
@ nope.@

Sila tembak bloggers lain.

@famous blogger . (^_^)@

~ merazati ~
~ azham ~
~ abg yan ~
~abg ijad ~
~ ustaz takkompom ~

enjoy it ! (^_^)