23 November 2010

run baby run !

i chose this title, it reminds me to a song . a popular song i reckon, by We The Kings, entitled Check Yes Juliet .

i want to write a little bit about this song . it suddenly appears in my mind when i was thinking about this post . actually, this song is one of my favourite songs . nice song . with perfect lyrics . run baby run, don't ever look back. they'll tear us apart, if you give them the chance . lalalaa . sedapsedap. try to listen to it . :) u'll like this song !~

okay . back to the real business . SPM has just started. the same goes to STPM. the memories of SPM are still fresh.the memories of Mara Junior Science College Kubang Pasu . as the first batch (aiceyy,anak sulong ney ),lotsa memories are running in and out of my mind. the subject that i really hate was Additional Mathematics or popular known as Add Maths. oh my . i just couldnt stand with the lengthy answers that we were needed to write, especially in Paper II. i seldom passed the paper . mostly, i failed . do not be suprised with that okay . lack of practice and faith in myself made me took for granted on this subject . i was punished many times , standing on the chair, with juniors were looking at me (hahahaha!), standing outside the class because i was late . my Add Maths teacher is so punctual. even if i wanna go to ladies, she wouldnt easily give the pass . when i was in F5, whe was pregnant . (cikgu muda okay. ) and the day that i needed to present in front of the class, the ways how to solve some questions, she was in the ward. ahhahaha, so relieved ! at last, i only get B4 for my Add Maths . bole ah uh kan . hahha !

chemistry, nothing much . i love chemistry. especially, the calculating part . the relative atomic mass and relative molecular mass . haha, any counting related to chemistry . all of them are my favourite ! physics, always slept during the lessons. just like LDS class here in IPBA . haha, mmg fizik hancusss ! sorry . people always said that 'students who are excellent in Add Maths must be the master of Physics because of they are closely related'. okay, believe that. Biology, err. interesting. i only got an A for once . rest of them , B+ or B-. hahaha. or, if my luck was not lucky enough, i'll get C. BM,English. quite fascinating . because they love to tell stories . so, kinda of relax . mind therapy . hihi ! PAI, the subject will make eyes open as wide as they could when the topic is marriage . esp, the boys. hahaha !

friends. they are always funny, sometimes serious, sometimes can be too emotional . im still in touch with some of them . of course with the help of Facebook. some of them are studying at overseas, some of them are locally stayed . we were always helping each other and never have serious fighting among us . i really miss the moment, where we always worked, eat, study together . shared our laughter and sadness . ohhh my ! sobsobsob ! we studied until late midnite, staying with the torchlight (roomates) and the study lamp . tried to memorise everything . ate nasik lemak right after prep. haha, while eating with the hot gossips around the college. brushed teeth , wake up early in the morning during weekends , we jogged around the campus, brought along our tennis or badminton rackets . lying on the field because only few people will have morning walk in the early morning. right after the morning walked, went to back to our room . bathed, then sleep,. haha, woke up at about 10 or 11 am . hahahaha ! see, how good students spent their time . ohh, i really miss u guyss ! brought the handphones unlawfully . curikcurik pny . haha ! gossips . ohhh, there were sooo many gossips . gossips with the hot people and juniors . got love letters some more . crushes over here and there . studied in the library , buat bising bajet mcm study . hahaha ! there were some friends who have steady couple and they are still on until now . semoga sampai ke jinjang pelamin ! (^_^) i have a friend . a friend yg gila jujur pny orang . always have crushed everywhere. junior ka, senior ka (eh, we are the super duper seniors here ), semua dya nk rembat . haha, miss her damn so much ! now she's doing microbiology kowt at N9. all the best babe ! jum jog nak ? hahaha !

p/s - got a news . a student, one of SPM candidates, died right after listened to the exam briefing.

al-fatihah .

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