28 November 2010

. lost .

i always imagine, what if the people whom i love the most, died one day ? for example, my mum, my dad, my lil bro, relatives or close friends . what should i do ? the pain will take time eventually . sadness, tears, giving up will fill up the atmosphere .

the journey of life teaches me that death is inevitable . even Islam says so . no one is immortal . every living thing will face death .

recently, i got so many news abouth death. my friends, their dads, their mums, or their relatives . because of illness or accidents . the accidents are the worst . lately, we have quite a number of bus accidents or vehicles involved . oh my !

as a Muslim, we should remember that death is the thing that is the closest to us. we can even die anytime and anywhere. when we are sleeping, while eating, while talking bad about other people . even when we are standing or blogging . we can die anytime .

Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda yang bermaksud : Orang yang paling bijaksana di kalangan kamu ialah orang yang sentiasa menghisab dan menghitung dirinya serta beramal sebagai persedian untuk mengadap Allah taala selepas mati . Sedangkan orang yang kurang waras ialah orang yang sentiasa menuruti hawa nafsunya dan sentiasa berangan-angan kosong terhadap Allah . ( Riwayat Tirmizi )

may Allah bless . thanks for reading . (^_^)

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