22 November 2010

the air of vampires .

yay, finally ! finished with the novel 'Eclipse' . i bought it before raya celebration ( Idulfitri ). i don't have ample time to read it because need to struggle with the big huge final exam . actually, i already watched the movies . oh, they are just perfect ! i can still remember one thing, after watching the movie, i went to ladies. i was needed to queue up because most of the movies finished at the same time . and people were finding their way to the ladies/men. a lady was on phone with her friend i think and she was sooooo excited telling her friend that she already watched 'Eclipse'. oh my . it was so funny . see, how people were so excited watching the movie until other people could see the happiness . it continues to puzzle me why people are additive to this Twilight, New Moon and so on . hahaha. but, i am part of the group too! maybe because of Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen)? or, the muscled Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) ? oh whatever the reasons are, they are superb ! Robert Pattinson who acted out as Edward Cullen is very gorgeous in the movie . oh my ! what a protective vampire he is . oh oh oh ! Kristen Stewart who acted perfectly as Isabela Swan is a clumsy , quite selfish and always in dilemma . pity her . but, she has a bloodsucker vampire boyfriend, who is as fast as a bullet form a gun. who can run well, play well. lalala . so, it's perfect . the thing is Bella is a human, Edward is a immortal vampire . Jasper and Alice are more obvious in this part of movie . ohh, btw, it's just a story .

another vampire story . a novel entitle 'Thirst'. but, i bought the 3rd series. it means, i missed the first & second part of Thirst by Christopher Pike . i am reading it . started last night, right after the 'Eclipse'. errr, too many characters in the novel . sometimes, i am confused . haih . it's okay,i'm still trying to understand it deeper . the language used is quite simple, much simpler than Stephenie Meyer (author of Eclipse). so, it is easier for a beginner of English language like me to read the novel . fuhh, interesting !

till we meet again ! (^_^)

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