12 November 2010

! tengtong !

ohehe. nothing much to say, but too much to write . finished with the exam, lecturers (perhaps..haha !), the Batu Caves stairs of lovely and inspiring IPBA (muahaha, hyperbole !) baju kurung (lalalala), heels, locker yg mcm sarang tikus (opsss!), bilik yg sempit (wahh..tak bersyukor pny olang ), wardens and the list goes on .

actually, this post is specially made (wahhh !) to those people who helped me much, directly and indirectly for my one and half year here, in IPBA. haha, tenkiu so much to those people . you are so kind !

mentor - Madam Tan Aig Bee . (merangkap lecturer SS and LS)

i think i can't meet you before i say byebye to IPBA for 6 weeks, since you are happily in Qabul right now. but one thing is, i miss you ! haha, for almost 2 weeks you are not here . huuuu. tenkiu for the precious advice, thoughts and time . i really appreciate it , the advice that i most remember is "if you help people, people will help you". thank you so much madam. thank you for the golden opportunities that you gave me inside and outside the class. thank you for sometimes listening to our problems in the class . we know that you are a very busy person, but you were still there to listen to us . you are such a great listener. thank you so much for the guidance, show me the right path for the assignments . wheetwheet ! oh ya ! almost forgotten. thank you for the foods that you gave me . free of charge aite ? hahahaha ! love you !


Mr. Thirru @ Thirrummurthy ( LDV & LS )

oh sir, for the first time i saw you, i know you are a perfectionist . and, my assumption is right . haih . (=.=) but, i really enjoyed your lessons and class. quite demanding, but we moved on slowly to achieve your target. and our aim too . u show us the path, err. a worn path i reckon. but, honestly. one step in ur class, then, the mind starts thinking on serious issues happened on the earth . hahahaha ! i know that u are upset with our slow moving process, i'm so sorry . :( but, still wanna say thank you so much sir !

Madam Rekha. ( ES )

2 semesters being ur rep, thank you madam. thank you for the general knowledge that you gave us . ohh man. u are so great because you are rich ! rich in knowledge ! huh . i wish i can be like you . whuuuuu ! thank you so much madam . thank you for giving me high marks in the assignment. there's one thing that i can still remember until now. thank you ~ (^_^)
you said that 'sufi, you are good. you can go further you know'. oh my ! rasa mcm nk pengsan. but mam, muchas gracias for this motivating compliment. thank you so much !

Mr Razak

thank you sir . thank you for everything , and , i'm sorry because i always fall asleep in your class. i don't know why . i really love your class, especially the 'take five' part . we took thirty ! hahhaaha ! sorry sir, couldnt help with that . hihihi . i wish i can score your paper with colourful flying colours ! hope so, ameen .

and for all lecturers, Mr. Mano, Madam Noriah, and those who have taught me, thank you so much ! there's nothing much i can write here, but thank you !

classmates (semue ye, takde pilihpilih kaseh)

tenkiu for being my classmates . oh, sorry for everything . for harsh words or anything, i didn't meant that . sorry guys, i love you. thank you for being so much friendly. thank you !~

err, housemates (rase mcm same je housemates ngan classmates ney )

err, thank you ah . hehehe . i don't know what to say . hahaha . next year, klu ada rejeki, jumpe ah agy . hehehehehee. keep our house clean please !
kak nisa
oh sis, thank you so much for checking my assignments and everything that you have done to me . thank you so much. and sorry because i don't have time to see you again . you are going to graduate from ipba aite ? so, the percentage of not meeting each other is sooo high. its okay, we have fb aite ? so, make full use of fb now . btw, miss you and muchas gracias ! (^_^) hope u will be a great teacher in whatever u do in future ! love ya !
err, geng bearie, and song .

haha, the people are the same actually . tp takpe ahh. okay guys, be strong okay ? people may judge us like veryveryvery bad girls, but we know ourselves better aite ? so, ignore all the bad busuk compliments . just be ourselves . hehe, wherever u are eh . sayang awokawok semue ! muahmuahmuahhhh ! hehehhhe ! (^_^) maybe next year we won't see each other again for 24 hours, but, i really hope that we can just stay like this . hoyeah . enjoy your hols, okay !


so, millions big fat thank you to akakabang library, akakabang canteen, and all for helping me during my foundation year . thank you so much ! see you guys next year !

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