23 December 2011

penakut !

tajuk ini sememangnya kaitannya 100% about me. ;))

when i was a kid, like 4 or 5 years old, i have phobias. i can't look directly at other's eyes and blood. err, actually sampai skrg tak boleh sangat tgk darahdarah nie. sertamerta darah gemuruh. masa kecikecik dulu ada satu iklan. iklan pasal penderaan kanak-kanak. i can still remember it. iklan tu, macam konon-konon ada seorang ayah or ibu yang rotan sorang budak sampai budak tue berdarah-darah. there was one fine day, adalah iklan tue kat tv. then, saya berlari-lari (my mom was cooking at that time) menyorok belakang pintu. my mom asked me, kenapa nie ? then, saya ckp, tak suka tgk darah. sampai sekarang tak boleh tgk darah yang banyak. sebab tue saya tak boleh tgk video accident yang sampai putusputus kakikepalabadan. i just can't. rasa mcm masuk dalam mimpi and leads to amazing nightmares. satu lagi. tak boleh tgk cerita saw as saya mmg penakut gila. pernah tgk satu or dua scene and sumpah takmo tgk lagi. or cerita yang saiko gila. serius tak boleh.

mata pun merupakan salah satu organ yang menakutkan for me. serius. takut gila nak tgk mata orang. tapi skrg okay dah kowt. ;)

okay. cerita hantu pulak. saya memang penakut tahap taktawu nk describe. even tgk cerita hantu bonceng yang kebanyakan orang ckp tak seram langsung tue pun, i won't dare to watch it alone. seriously. hantu kak limah yang kelakardansarkastik pun tak berani tgk sesorang. serius. so, mmg takkan berani tgk cerita hantu siam mari or korea mari. or cerita santau tahap or apaapa sahaja. apa sahaja yang berkaitan dengan makhluk halus yang boleh tgk kita dan kita boleh tgk dia kekadang sahaja. pernah jumpa hantu ? saya pernah la jumpa. taktaw hantu or apa. tapi dia melayanglayang. HAHAHAHA! and tetiba bau wangi semerbak. warna putih lutsinar. lalu melintas in front on me and my cousin. dahla pukul 12 malam tepat pulak tue dia melintas. masa tu tgh tgk konsert sitinurhaliza kat tv. sejak kejadian itu, saya percaya hantu wujud.

that's all. just wanna kill free time. peace !

01 December 2011

Gleek !

initially, i didn't know what to put as the title for this post.

it is the time for holidays. so, i am pampering myself right now until the new year. no good plans for this holidays. just watching movies, download movies, listen to new songs (mostly from Glee episodes), lots of blog walking and tweeting like crazy.

i am a Gleek now. a term that is being used for Glee fans. oh yeah. what can i say. well, i love singing (even though my voice sounds like urghhhhhhhhhhh) *don't dare to say more* . for me, every song has its own story. a story lies behind every song. my tears never failed to roll down whenever i listen to good songs. good songs = touching and meaningful lyrics + fantastic voices. few days back, i watched Matlutfi's video entitled rant cinta or something similar * i couldn't remember the title of the video now*. he criticized some songs, both English and Malay. i agreed to some extend about the lyrics part. but as for me, songs is not about logic. it is all about art. art can be very hyperbole and nonsensical. and yet he is talking about logical sense in songs. he talked about grenade, syurga = bunga mawar and much more. i don't agree much but i respect his opinions about this. no offense to Matlutfi's fans out there. peace ! (^_~).

back to Glee, i really adore the great voices of the casts. they are just unique. and unique. and unique. I AM A GLEEK NOW. i just found out some good songs such as Get It Right, Pretending, Candles, Loser Like Me, Somewhere Only We Know and there is much more. some people said 'songs can express everything'. you may say i am so outdated as i just watched the Glee recently. hihi !

few days back, i tried to drive my dad's car . hurmmm. susah jugak bawak kereta Wira yang besar gedabak nie. err, of course it is bigger than kancil that people use at driving school. i feel it is harder to drive a car yang lebar lagi besar mcm tu. arghhhh. my dad is my driving teacher and he is very strict. arghhhh. he used to scold me when i make mistakes. arghhhh lagi . i never knew my dad can be so strict. perghhh. 2 times trial and dah kena marah mcm apa lagi. sedih. and the best part is he enjoys doing that ! %^&&%$$^*(&%$# !

i hope it is not too late to wish Salam Maal Hijrah to my Muslim friends out there. so, dah ada azam baru ke ? i actually don't have a list of my goals for this new year. i just wanna be more mature. ;) umor dah dekat 21 bhai. my mom said, "dah boleh ada anak dah". so, i really hope i can handle my emotions well and think before i speak or act. or post status at FB or tweet about it. people can judge you by all of these social networking sites. we all know that human can judge others better than judging themselves. and of course, it is always my dream to become a better Muslimah. ;)

so, that's all for now. for my teachers-to-be friends, enjoy your holidays. and December, walk slowly, will ya ? cause i love my holidays ! ;)

Sometimes, all a person really needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.