09 December 2010

too many things !

i have FB,tumblr,twitter,blog (the only one is this),ym,skype, tagged, hi5,fb,ms .
rawwwrrr !
all of these is just because just wanna try new things .
syok klu gune only one password to access through all these thingy . menyampah jugak klu username laenlaen . tak lrt nk ingt . hehe .
ohh, holiday mmg la layan semue bnde ney sbb nothing much to do at home. mandi,makan,masak je. except for those yg pegi amek license or whatever . okay, i dun have my license yet . yay!
one step into IPBA, FB jela. even blog also will be rarely (do we have the word 'seldomly'?) updated . haha !

i downloaded the Google Chrome . okay, ketinggalan zaman . haiyaaa !

i wonder why my lips are getting drier day by day . :(

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