23 December 2011

penakut !

tajuk ini sememangnya kaitannya 100% about me. ;))

when i was a kid, like 4 or 5 years old, i have phobias. i can't look directly at other's eyes and blood. err, actually sampai skrg tak boleh sangat tgk darahdarah nie. sertamerta darah gemuruh. masa kecikecik dulu ada satu iklan. iklan pasal penderaan kanak-kanak. i can still remember it. iklan tu, macam konon-konon ada seorang ayah or ibu yang rotan sorang budak sampai budak tue berdarah-darah. there was one fine day, adalah iklan tue kat tv. then, saya berlari-lari (my mom was cooking at that time) menyorok belakang pintu. my mom asked me, kenapa nie ? then, saya ckp, tak suka tgk darah. sampai sekarang tak boleh tgk darah yang banyak. sebab tue saya tak boleh tgk video accident yang sampai putusputus kakikepalabadan. i just can't. rasa mcm masuk dalam mimpi and leads to amazing nightmares. satu lagi. tak boleh tgk cerita saw as saya mmg penakut gila. pernah tgk satu or dua scene and sumpah takmo tgk lagi. or cerita yang saiko gila. serius tak boleh.

mata pun merupakan salah satu organ yang menakutkan for me. serius. takut gila nak tgk mata orang. tapi skrg okay dah kowt. ;)

okay. cerita hantu pulak. saya memang penakut tahap taktawu nk describe. even tgk cerita hantu bonceng yang kebanyakan orang ckp tak seram langsung tue pun, i won't dare to watch it alone. seriously. hantu kak limah yang kelakardansarkastik pun tak berani tgk sesorang. serius. so, mmg takkan berani tgk cerita hantu siam mari or korea mari. or cerita santau tahap or apaapa sahaja. apa sahaja yang berkaitan dengan makhluk halus yang boleh tgk kita dan kita boleh tgk dia kekadang sahaja. pernah jumpa hantu ? saya pernah la jumpa. taktaw hantu or apa. tapi dia melayanglayang. HAHAHAHA! and tetiba bau wangi semerbak. warna putih lutsinar. lalu melintas in front on me and my cousin. dahla pukul 12 malam tepat pulak tue dia melintas. masa tu tgh tgk konsert sitinurhaliza kat tv. sejak kejadian itu, saya percaya hantu wujud.

that's all. just wanna kill free time. peace !

01 December 2011

Gleek !

initially, i didn't know what to put as the title for this post.

it is the time for holidays. so, i am pampering myself right now until the new year. no good plans for this holidays. just watching movies, download movies, listen to new songs (mostly from Glee episodes), lots of blog walking and tweeting like crazy.

i am a Gleek now. a term that is being used for Glee fans. oh yeah. what can i say. well, i love singing (even though my voice sounds like urghhhhhhhhhhh) *don't dare to say more* . for me, every song has its own story. a story lies behind every song. my tears never failed to roll down whenever i listen to good songs. good songs = touching and meaningful lyrics + fantastic voices. few days back, i watched Matlutfi's video entitled rant cinta or something similar * i couldn't remember the title of the video now*. he criticized some songs, both English and Malay. i agreed to some extend about the lyrics part. but as for me, songs is not about logic. it is all about art. art can be very hyperbole and nonsensical. and yet he is talking about logical sense in songs. he talked about grenade, syurga = bunga mawar and much more. i don't agree much but i respect his opinions about this. no offense to Matlutfi's fans out there. peace ! (^_~).

back to Glee, i really adore the great voices of the casts. they are just unique. and unique. and unique. I AM A GLEEK NOW. i just found out some good songs such as Get It Right, Pretending, Candles, Loser Like Me, Somewhere Only We Know and there is much more. some people said 'songs can express everything'. you may say i am so outdated as i just watched the Glee recently. hihi !

few days back, i tried to drive my dad's car . hurmmm. susah jugak bawak kereta Wira yang besar gedabak nie. err, of course it is bigger than kancil that people use at driving school. i feel it is harder to drive a car yang lebar lagi besar mcm tu. arghhhh. my dad is my driving teacher and he is very strict. arghhhh. he used to scold me when i make mistakes. arghhhh lagi . i never knew my dad can be so strict. perghhh. 2 times trial and dah kena marah mcm apa lagi. sedih. and the best part is he enjoys doing that ! %^&&%$$^*(&%$# !

i hope it is not too late to wish Salam Maal Hijrah to my Muslim friends out there. so, dah ada azam baru ke ? i actually don't have a list of my goals for this new year. i just wanna be more mature. ;) umor dah dekat 21 bhai. my mom said, "dah boleh ada anak dah". so, i really hope i can handle my emotions well and think before i speak or act. or post status at FB or tweet about it. people can judge you by all of these social networking sites. we all know that human can judge others better than judging themselves. and of course, it is always my dream to become a better Muslimah. ;)

so, that's all for now. for my teachers-to-be friends, enjoy your holidays. and December, walk slowly, will ya ? cause i love my holidays ! ;)

Sometimes, all a person really needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

17 November 2011

teringat ~

when i was packing my belongings, i remembered something.

~ kita selalu ingat sakit hati dan perasaan kita kat org lain, tapi kita tak pernah ingat sakit hati dia pada kita yang disembunyikan demi menjaga persahabatan. dan ianya dilupakan begitu sahaja. tapi kita selalu mengungkit perasaan tak puas hati kita, kan? ~ (kawan, 2008)

memang termenung aku klu teringat bnda nie . ~muhasabah~

06 November 2011

salam perantauan.

salam perantauan dari saya. HAHAHA ! *bajet duk overseas jap* so di sini, nak wish selamat menyambut hari raya Korban . selamat berkorban lah ye.

selamat study juge. ;)

24 October 2011

boring entry.

deepavali is coming. so the holidays. so cuti 7 hari nie mmg tak plan bk buat apeape melainkan nak study *studylah sangat* and more surfing, more eating, more playing kiddo games. ahaa, playing baby maker is quite awesome. sangat comel ! serious tak tipu !

and i can't waittttttttttt to finish three more years of studying at IPBA. miumiuu ! cepatlahhh !~~

err apsal mozilla is quite slower than chrome eh ? tp chrome tak best la.

*where art thou, Romeo ? *


11 October 2011

twitter activated !

dah boring sangat ngan FB, skrg kembali mengemas kini Twitter . mcm best je . hihi !

09 October 2011

muka buku dan cinta !

okay, stop with "you are nothing but a piece of shit" entry. lets move on !

i bet all of you have
listened to Najwa Latif's first single, Cinta Mukabuku ayte ? kalau tak dengar lagi, you can just Utube it.

i just listened to this sweet adorable catchy song a few days back, *so outdated of me!* okay, i realized that.

i also have read some bad comments from bad listeners in Malaysia. they just don't know to appreciate this kid's sweet lovely voice. tak suka dengar, takya la dengar.

but seriously, i become soooooo addicted to this song. so cute. so cute ! so cute ! she's is just 16 years old, she's a shy person. believe me. her idol is Justin Bieber ! haha ! both are cute.

so i think she's a good product of Malaysia for music area. she wants to be a singer, but mind you. she's a teen singer with brain. she managed to get 7A and 1B during her PMR time. isn't that great ? alaala Lisa Surihani lah kan. that's a good move !

to those haters, come out with your own catchy super duper song . or else,
stop criticizing others. takde keje betol. aishh.

whateverlah, btw Najwa, u have such lovely voice and face, talent to play guitar *what a bonus!* don't forget your studies. BE A SINGER WITH BRAIN AND TALENT. be humble and stay cute ! love yaaa !i realized that both of them have the same smile. sweet !

p/s : jgn lupa dengar lagu nie kat U tube !

08 October 2011

pretty gals.

caution : this entry contains 100 % anger and 0% EQ. and some bias. and childish. thank you.

i had a thought. still having it in my mind. for Muslim, they must be familiar with this powerful quote.

"kebersihan itu separuh daripada iman".

must be familiar kan ? kalau tak familiar, tanya Mr. Google.

i just have had this feeling and thought.

'beauty gals don't know how to do the house chores'.

euww, mesti ramai yg marah kan. but, i care less bout that.

senang cerita


okay, experience it for 2 and half years obviously at IPBA lah kan. duduk serumah with those stupid beautiful gals really makes me sick.

they don't know how to clean the toilet. *okay, kerja low class kan.*

they don't know how to keep things in perfect and neat way. *okay, ada aku kesah ?*

they don't know how to make their bed. *whatthehell??!!*

they don't know how to wash the dishes neatly without oil still sticking on them. *goshhhhhhh !*

they don't know how to sweep the floor for the whole room. *sapu tempat diorang je buat ape. mak bapak ko ke yg beli penyapu uh? mati aku ngan bebudak mcm nie.*

they don't know to take care of the cleanliness of the house. *sumpah pengotor .*

i had a roomate. she shared with me.

"bebudak pompuan yang chantek nie mmg pengotor. serius. aku ada experience masa duk asrama dulu. gile pengotor. tapi, bile masuk IPBA, aku dah tak heran sangat. sebab aku dah tawu."

i lived in asrama once. MRSM. i had beautiful roommates and we did the room chores perfectly.

kipas, no habuk is allowed.

tingkap, lagilah. pepagi aku kena paksa cuci tingka

katil, perghhh. tak tegang, mau kena perli rapatrapat.

penyapu and penyodok wajib ada di cube A and cube B.

every week kena mop bilik with sabun basuh baju woi !

loker, kemas.

no baju yang lembab is allowed in the bilik.

no rambut is allowed on the floor.

semua ahli bilik digalakkan untuk menegur secara
kasar or halus if one of the members yang kotor di tempat beliau.

light off, wajib pkul 11 mlm. sesape yang rajin terlebeyh nak stay up, sila beli lampu study sndri. takyah nak nyusahkan org lain yang nk tidur dengan switch on the main lamp. kesian org uh, nnt tak pepasal dpt cancer sbb tido under light.

sesiapa yang nak dengar lagu, buy your own earphones.

pinggan, mangkuk, cawan, simpan in one area.

baju, tak dibernarkan bersepah atas katil, atas
lang katil, or di manamana sahaja melainkan di dalam loker.

baldi, letak bawah katil.

kasut, susun.

tong sampah , wajib basuh every week.

langsir, no habuk is allowed.

febreeze wajib ada for the langsir and katil.

cadar and sarung bantal and everything wajib basuh every week.

benda simple. and, actually, we didn't put the rules as in white or black. or in written or in spoken form. we just take care of the room as well as other members. we were a family. kalau sorang ada masalah, ada 7 orang yang sentiasa support. kalau sorang sakit, ada 7 orang yang tolong jaga. thats the way things were. we ate together, went to the surau together, wasted our time watching niyang rapik at that time, studied together, cried and
laughed together.

now in IPBA, everything is the other way round. nak tegur, but i believe that all of us have grown up physically and mentally. kalau dah nmpak orang nak tidur, just get out of her room, stop making annoying noise. agakagaklah nak berFB until Subuh pun with the main lamp is switched on. stop Skyping with other friends who live in the other blocks. hello, budak tue blaja kt IPBA okay ? everyday boleh jumpa, Skype for what ? goshhhhhhhhhh ! dahla memekak like hell ! memekak klu pukul 10 malam takpe jugak, nie pukul 12 pagi oi. gelak mcm org gila, i just don't understand why they did that. klu ngan mak bapak, takde pulak korang n
ak skype kan. gosh ! another thing, berak everyday. toilet bowl uh nak suro orang gaji basuh ke ? aigooo, simple lah. ko yang berak, ko basuhla . jgnlah bingai sangat ! kalau baju bleh basuh everyday, takkan toilet tempat korang berak uh tak reti nak basuh ? aishh, blaja tetinggi, pengotor rupanya. come on lah pretty gals, kita perempuan okay ? PEREMPUAN !

so, aku sarankan lelaki di luar sana, silalah check gf anda. pasanglah spy ke, ape ke. make sure spy tue perempuan, kang klu spy lelaki, bnde lain yg jadi plak nnt. jgn nanti bila dah kawen,

OHMAIGOD ! bini aku tak reti basuh toilet ! aku yg kena basuh toilet everyday ! WHATTHEHELL !

bini aku tak reti kemas katil. WHATTHEHELL !!!

*aku tak ckp basuh toilet tue kerja pompuan, tapi, kerjasamalahhh korang lakibini. bapak aku yang sudah beruban pun boleh basuh toilet, takkan korang lelaki yang gagahkacaklagihandsome tak boleh kan?*

okay, nk cerita lagi. i had one classmate. she's very fus
sy about cleanliness. i don't know much about her room, but im very sure of her cleanliness about the classroom. during prep time, we used to eat some biscuits, sweets and coffee in the class. then, of course lah bersepah bersepai class uh. and then, there was one particular classmate, she was not as clean as her. so, she always left the food under her desk. tempat yang kita letak buku, bawah meja. this fussy girl said, "oyy tuttt, tolonglah bersihkan sikit tempat hang tue. semut hang taw dak nanti (because biscuits are sweet). eiii, pengotoq lahhh ! malulah sikit kat budak laki ! " . and this poor unclean gal said " biaqlah. bukannya aku nak kawen ngan depa pun!". and i laughed. but, i was thinking, btol jugak. mcm mnalah nak kawen klu dri sndri tak bersih kan. mmglah kita takmau kawin ngan lelakilelaki classmates kita, but come on lah. think more. bukan psl kawen sngt, but seriously . it do reflects ourselves.


p/s - sometimes, i just hate pretty gals. this is my bias.

15 September 2011

kisah tandas

'please teacher, may i go to the toilet ? '

ni lah ayat yang aku guna drpd tadika sampai sekarang . serius aku mmg produk KBSR. dari tadika mmg dah dilatih guna ayat ni. pheww !

walaupun aku almost 20 years old, nk keluar dr kelas pun still gune ayat ni.

'mam/sir, may i go to the toilet ?'

sampai semuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lecturers tegur.NO TOILET, it is washroom my dear. ladies lah ! toilet some more !

hihi. so funny .


28 August 2011

semua org buat, aku pun nk buat ah !

apa yg hampir semua org buat yang aku pun nak buat nie ? hee, apa lg, ucapan hari raya lah !

okay, so kepada semua, SELAMAT HARI RAYA . MAAF DIPINTA DARI UJUNG TUDUNG SMPAI UJUNG KASUT . kepada semua kawankawan dr aku baby smpailah skrg nie. tak terhitung . kawankawan Tadika Children's Corner, SK. St. Nicholas Convent, SK Mergong, SMK. Sultanah Asma, MRSM Kubang Pasu, Matriks Arau, Perlis (gen 10, A1T4 especially) and finally, maktab terchenta, IPBA . love you olls !

mintak maaf klu ada benda yang pernah menyakitkan hati kawankawan semua. TERumpat, TERlepas cakap, TERcakap dengan direct and lancangnya (MUAHAHAHA!), TERperli, TERcuri, (err, ade ke?) TERambil brg korang tanpa keizinan, TERover, TERminat kat boifren korang ke, TERminat korang ke (whateverlahhh!) , TERgedik kejap (hahahaha!), TERjeling, TERmasam muka, TERbelasah korang ke... err, pernah ke ? semua yang TERTERTER tulahhh !

so, dengan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya buat seeeeeemuuuuaaaaaaaaaaa kawankawan, lawanlawan, cikgucikgi, jiranjiran, pensyarahpensyarah, kucingkucing dan semua lah . selamat hari raya !

14 August 2011

itulah kan...

itulah kan...
i don't even know what's happening to me...
weekend, sleep late, wake up...errr...
tak buat sngt ahh academic work...
malas gile ahh...
cepatlah masa berlalu...
malas nk ngadap dah....

erghh, kna rest sebentar ahhh i guess.
asyikasyik buat benda yg sama.
im counting days to go back home.
urghh !

mmg tak stabil aku skrg nie .
layan jela oi.

06 August 2011

nak raya nak raya !

tengah seboksebok dating ngan Pavlov, Skinner, Thorndike, aku tetiba teringat kat rumah. err, kucengkucengku yang sangatlah comel and adorable and gewdix, mamablack and affin, mak yg dah bising tny bila aku nk balek , abah yg tgh sebuk ngan skype beliau, adek sebuk ngan aktiviti beliau sendirilahhh. dah besaq kan. wehuuu !

nak balik, nak raya ! nk bukak posa ngan sahuq ngan abah, mak, adek ngan kuceng2 sekalian ~~ *eh, tebalik. sepatotnya bukak posa ngan sahuq dulu, baru raya*

okay baru 6 hari puasa. lagi 20 hari kt IPBA. *aishhh*

salah satu sebab aku sngt suka raya ialah dpt balek hometown ! yay !

okay, selamat berpuasa kpd semua. dan SELAMAT HARI RAYA in advance ! ;D

*tak lupa juga doa buat insaninsan yang tersangat disayangi yang kini sudah tiada di sisi. semoga Allah meletakkan insan yg sy sayangi di kalangan ahliahli syurga. sobssosbss*

02 August 2011

hek eleh !

gila tak malu punya orang . kita mengumpat orang, tapi kita mintak tolong ngan org yang kita umpat tadi. gila tak malu punya orang !

hek eleh !

01 August 2011

i wish i had...

i wish i had my BFF stands beside me , she who always supports me . in my wrongdoing, she's the one who hugs me, the one who understood me well. when i cry, she'll cry too. when im happy, she'll laugh. when im sad, she'll just lend her shoulder for me. i miss that moment . i love her so much . i miss her. seriously.

i wish i had BFF just like Serena and Blair . they are so cool, cool BFF forever ~

24 July 2011

i have strong deep faith on Him .

ALLAH tidak memberi apa yang kita harapkan tapi Dia memberi apa yang kita perlukan. Kadang kala kita sedih, kecewa dan terluka....tapi jauh di atas sana, Dia sedang mengatur yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kita.. ;)

18 July 2011

when we...

when we mad or angry at somebody, sit back .
think about the kindness of the person .
for sure, we won't be angry that much .

09 July 2011

~ i hope it's not too late ~

well, i know it's being tough for this second semester and i feel like urghhhhh ! abundant of theories , urghhhh again . more theories than before i guess . last sem needed to fight with those Falsampahsss . urghhhhhhhhh !

i hope there's still hope in this sem . phewww .

21 June 2011

boom !

azam sem baru :


01 June 2011

nasihat buat diri sendiri yang sentiasa lemah dengan godaan dunia.

Assalamualaikum . humm, balek je jog terus ase mcm post entri ney . tergerak hati nak post entri neyh sebab terbaca satu blog yang tak perlu disebut blog yang mana . tapi, tuan blog tue saya kira sbg gadis yang sangat moden . saya membuat perhitungan dari segi cara berpakaian beliau dalam gambar, dan gaya penulisan beliau . tapi,apa yg menyentuh hati ialah entri beliau yang seolaholah beliau sangat bangga dengan kehilangan mahkota wanita beliau . anda semua tahu bukan ?

sedih jugak, seakanakan beliau tersangat bangga dengan apa yang dilakukan serta boleh menayangnayang . bukan hendak mengaibkan beliau, tetapi sekadar satu refleksi buat diri ini sebagai seorang muslimah yang hendak mencapai citacita yang teragung di sisi Allah, iaitu mati syahid . saya tahu, dalam alam serba moden ini, gadisgadis sangatlah berani, melakukan apa shj . malah, saya juga bersetuju dengan sesetengah pendapat rakanrakan yang mengatakan bahawa Gadis Melayu lebih teruk drpd gadis barat . mungkin ya, mungkin tidak . bergantung kepada si penilai.

mungkin kita boleh doakan beliau,agar terbukak pintu hatinya untuk memilih jalan yang lurus. kehilangan mahkota diri kepada yang bukan hak itu sangatlah hina di sisi orang Melayu, apatah lagi Islam. bukan nak menghina, tetapi sekadar nasihat buat diri ini . sedih tgk saudarasaudari kita mcm tue . ;(

saya bukan orang yang baik or alim, tapi saya sentiasa nak cuba menasihati diri saya supaya sentiasa bergerak ke arah yang lebih baik. semoga Allah melindungi kita semua... Ameen...

23 May 2011

~al - fatihah ~

innalillah hiwainna lillah hirroji'un...

it is my habit to listen to the radio in the early morning, before i go to class. so, i did it this day, in the early morning around 6.45 a.m so know the recent news. seriously, the news for today really disturbed my morning emotions.

Malaysians are now aware about the sad tragedy happened on recent Sat, 21st of May . the landslide tragedy . at first i was like malas gila nak amek taw sebab i wanna be in ready condition for exams. but, today's news really hits me. because most of the victims of the landslide tragedy are the kinds and orphans. and Hot Fm, Era Fm brought lively some of the conversations with the victims . i can still remember their names , Khairil,Aizat and many more . Pak Nil was like crying, sebak of course he was at the Hospital Ampang , visited the victims .

the most incident that makes me feel like crying is about a victims named Khairil . his right leg need to be cut off *oyy,betoi ka istilah nie?* to avoid infections . sedihsedihsedih ! one more thing, kaki dia dipotong dlm keadaan sedar . can u imagine that ? ohmaigod ! ;( i just could not imagine anything like that . and his mother, she is a strong woman . sabar ya makcik, Khairil .
mcm nak nanges dengar radio pagi td . ;(

so, i wanna share some of the responses form the listeners . there' a lady, mmg mengamuk pagi td . she said that, "benda dah jadi baru semua org nak pandang! baru semua org nak check quality and so on. dah tawu tempat tue tak dpt kelulusan,kenapa nak bina ? hah, sekarang semua dah sebuk . kerajaan baru nak bertindak sekarang . dah berpuluh orang mati, baru nak amek tindakan . ikut logik akal, tak bole bina bangunan di lereng bukit. itu rumah anak yatim, rumah kebajikan, bukan tempat yang tak baik!* she was so angry, and i feel like yeah. ikut logik geografi, tak boleh buat rumah or bangunan kat lereng bukit . kankankan ?

and ada seorang ney, salah sorang mangsa yang terkorban ialah kawan kepada adik beliau . and beliau sangat tersentap and sedih. humm,bole bayang kalau orang yang kita sayang pergi dulu sebelum kita ?

there's one incident, where a big brother tried to save his little brother . his brother was like stuck in the "runtuhan" and he tried to pull out his brother's hand to get out from the "runtuhan". then, tak sempat, adiknya dihempap concrete and he died immediately . sedih kan ? sedih sangat when i heard this incident . abang tak sempat nak selamatkan adik... sabar Mohd . Awie... saya doakan roh adik Riezman sentiasa dirahmati olehNya...

i feel bad about this tragedy, but as a good pure Muslim, kita redha dengan ketentuanNya. there must reasons behind this sad tragedy . saya doakan adikadik or abangabang, saudarasaudara yang terkorban diberikan ganjaran syurga yang diimpikan di sana. buat ahli keluarga yang terlibat, takziah . senang ckp, but it is hard to face the reality . tapi, semua org akan mati . cuma tak tahu masa,di mana dan bagaimana . just a little reminder...

recent died victims = 16 people ( 23rd of May, 7.30 a.m.)

buat semua orang,samasamalah kita doakan kesejahteraan ahli kelurga kita, sedekahkanlah doa bagi mengiringi saudarasaudara kita yang terkorban, anak-anak Palestin, Afghanistan dan semua kaum muslimin dan muslimat . semoga kita semua berada dalam perlindungan dan jaminan Allah . Ameen.

17 May 2011

spark !

it has been quite a long time i didn't write anything here. kankankan ? since si kacakhandsome uh get married with superdupergorgeous woman.

final is just around the corner . my beloved Universities friends, of course. they have just finished with the torture. all of them are busy texting me "wey Sufi,bila nak mai umah aku? aku ada anak sedara baru nie", "wey Sufi, hang bila nak habes ? aku nak blanja hang McD ney". such a boring questions sometimes because they are eager to meet me, kononkonon mcm reunion lah kan. haha ! miss you so much friends . miss waktu prep, waktu masingmasing bergaduh nak tunjuk pandai dlm subjek Addmaths . now,everyone has split themselves to North,South,East and West Malaysia . huuu,rindurindu !

now, it's my turn to turn my head upside down with the examination. Ya Allah, too many facts to be memorized, of course dealing with Philosophy of Education is hard ever. while i was browsing through FB, some people (friends la) said that, "Falsafah is such a Falsampah". haha, sabar ya friends . cute pulak quotation ney . haha, btw friends, you really need to bear with these 'Falsampahssss' because it is our first paper . hafal jgn tak hafal ! but,seriously lah kan, it is kind of boring when we need to study and memorize the facts of our Education system. too many reports,too many Education Acts, tapi, tak menjadi pun. trial for 2 or 3 years, then bubar. then we are supposed to learn all these 'pembubaran' project . not only 1 okay, lots of 'pembubaran'! pheww ! maybe the teachers, the victims of all these 'pembubaran' projects need to work a little bit hard kowt . but,bear in mind, teacher are also human beings . haa,ingt sng nak jadi cikgu ? to be a teacher trainee yourself is also considered as a torture . tapi,ikhlas hati ye kawankawanku yang bakal bergelar 'cikgu'.

i can see people are struggling with their books, mind you, thick books. and also Facebook. like me, hihihi ! study by using Facebook can be sometimes fun. token of thanks to Madam Jo . so people and friends, i wanna wish all the best, good luck, bonne chance ! sementara masih ada masa ney, study lah yaa . all the best,all the best,all the best ! InsyaAllah we will strive on !

before we open the book, it is better for us to start with do'a first . ;) amek berkat, biar syaitansyaitan lari bertempiaran and yakinlah dengan do'a yang kita baca sebab bukankah do'a itu senjata orang Islam ? ;) bismillahhirrahmannirrahim .

01 May 2011

23 April 2011

~ a sweet little reminder ~

i found out this in the FB and just wanna share with you guys. ;D benda yang kita sendiri pown tak sedar kan ? entry kali ney agak panjang sket because ade copy paste lahh . ;D

Assalamualaikum Antara protokol Ya'hudi yang mengandungi 8 perkara.... (4S & 4F)

1.. Song....Lagu-lagu yang menghiburkan. .jika ada anak-anak yangtak tau mengucap..tetapi boleh menghafal lagu Hindustanyangpanjang berjela... Ada anak-anak yang tak hafal Al-Fatihah....tapi

boleh mengingati lagu Siti Norhaliza yang panjangnya berdepa-depa.....

berjaya sudah Yahudi..... Hingga kita terfikir.... ..

bagaimana jadinya radio kalau tanpa lagu?

kankankan? bila kita study pun kna dengaq lagu, mandi pown kna dengaq lagu, iron baju pown. bole dikatakan hidup kita ney mmg sunyi tanpa lagu kan ? rasa sooo dull klu takda lagu. blog pown ada lagu. haha ! manamana pun mesti ada lagu punyalah . based on my experience, sy mmg tak bole study if takda lagu. rasa mcm tak sampai seminit bukak buku,mata dah mengantuk gila. pernah ustaz masa MRSM pesan, " awak semua ney kalau study, tak sah tak dengaq lagu. mcm mna ilmu tu nk lekat di dada klu dengaq lagu pelikpelik. ayaq (air) dalam badan uh akan terpengaruh dengan bunyi. (i think most of us know this). dah kalau dengaq lagu pelikpelik,mmg tak lekat la nak oii ". lagu pelikpelik kat sini maybe refer to lagu yang mcm metalmetal sket bunyiknya. yang semua org suka, or lagu yg jadi trend masa kini lah kan. of course lah sbg remaja, kita akan sentiasa terikut dgn arus pemodenan muzik skrg kan ? undeniable, the same goes to me. sampai ada one time uh, obses gila dengan lagulagu or artisartis tak kesahlah barat or tak kan. sampai mcm tue ahhh . tapi, klu nak tahu, lagu is one of agenda yahudi or barat untuk melalaikan kita. tak setuju ? pikiaq leklok nohh. klu kita obses dengan lagu sampai tak solat, melalaikan lah uh. kalau kita obses dengan lagu sampai tak baca manual harian kita iaitu al -Quran, melalaikan lah uh kan ? so,pikiaq balek . tak kesah lah nk dengaq lagu, tp jgnla sampai melalaikan . especially lah kan,klu kita ney mmg jenis obses dengan artis, sanggup la kan nk menghabiskan duwet beli tiket konsert, pikiaq balek. melalaikan ke tak ? sy bukan nk kutuk or kritik, cuma nak mengingatkan kpd yg lupa. kita kan insan, pelupa. klu agakagak kita terlalai sebentar, cepatcepat minta maaf dan ampun dengan pencipta kita. bole kan ? tak susah pun. ;D

2. ...Sex.....

Lagi satu kegilaan remaja dan yang tua. Sex di mana-mana..

di kaca tv, dalam filem, dalam iklan...babak sex amat lumrah...

kekadang adegan sex tak diperlukan, tetapi diselitkan jua

sehingga ada orang menonton filem hanya kerana ada adegan sex...

filem 18SX amat laris berbanding filem U...

VCD lucah mudah didapati...dan harganya amat murah...

Adakah filem yang tiada adegan sex?

Lagi sekali berjaya sungguh Yahudi laknatullah. .......

aaa,ini tak dpt dinafikan lah. even dlm ceritacerita Melayu, pun ada unsurunsur seksual ney. menjadi kegilaan. klu takda unsur seks, kira cerita uh tak best lah kan ? bosan,boring. klu takda aksi ciumcium or rabaraba, tak sah lah. even dlm cerita melayu. cerita omputih, bersepah lah kan. seks tuh dah jadi rutin harian dah pon. pernah kwn sy ckp " once you are involve in sex, it's like a drug to you". susah nk avoid bila kita dah involve. humm,sedih. dlm kehidupan kita pown, byk je unsur lucah. kita ja kowt yg tak perasan ... bg pembikin filem, katanya tak open minded klu takda unsur seksual ini. open minded smpai tak ingt pencipta. tak bole tak bole. katanya nk tunjuk realiti kehidupan kpd msyrakat, perlulah tahu tivi tuh bkn org dewasa ja yg tonton kan ? budakbudak lagi suka tgk tivi kan ? dalam politik pun tak lepas dr unsur seks ney. kita semua tahu kan hot news tentang video
seks yg melibatkan khalifahkhalifah di M'sia ? pkiaq lah... dlm internet...

3. ...Smoke....

Rokok..menjadi kegilaan para remaja....

sehingga dikatakan tidak modern jika tidak merokok...

malah sekarang merokok menjadi budaya bagi mana-mana perempuan

yang kononnya mau di gelar 'up to date'..

Dulu yang merokok ini golongan ****** saja.... ataupun penari

kabaret..... .( aku tengok dari filem P Ramlee )....

ahaa, lelaki tak macho klu merokok. perempuan lagi hodoh klu merokok. okay ? kawan jin semua yg merokok ney. bukan maen lagi bg ceramah tentang agenda yahudi, tapi rokok takmau lepas. aigooo ... pkiaq norh...

4. .....Sport.. .

Pelbagai jenis sukan di tonjolkan dan lelaki dengan

perempuan sama-sama berlumba mencari nama dalam sukan....

hinggakan sekarang bola sepak pun perempuan main juga....

Bila bersukan, tutup aurat mestilah jauh sekali,

sembahyang pun banyak yang miss.....bukan yang bermain sahaja tak sembahyang.. ...

yang menonton pun tak sembahyang juga .......

Kalau menonton dirumah.... akan lambat sembahyang sebab takut tak nampak macam mana BOLA masuk GOL......

Then Yahudi gol lagi........sampai ada ulamak kata...kerana sukan...sembahyang boleh tangguh....

Masha Allah,..

ini obvious lah kan, especially waktu season bola. bagaibagai. bukan tak boleh minat sukan, tapi utamakan apa yg patut diutamakan dulu. sy pun peminat sukan, bola, tennis . tapi, ingt, jgn sampai melalaikan. andainya kita ditakdirkan meninggal dunia di stadium, dan juga belum perform solah, hmm. siapa yg perlu disalahkan ? takdir ? and andainya kita ditakdirkan meninggal dunia di depan tivi sbb tgk bola, dah la tak solat agy . mcm mna tu ? pernah sy terbaca " "letak shj sebijik bola di stadium, 70,000 Muslim tak solat". ini ke khalifah yg kita cari ? tak kan... klu agakagak nk tgk tivi sukan pun,solatlah dulu... bukan tak boleh tgk . kan ? charge dulu energi sebelum nk menjerit "GOAL!!"

5. .. Fun..

Hiburan...di mana-mana kita dapat hiburan yang melalaikan.. ..

Kalau kita lihat dalam 100 majalah..mungkin 99 adalah majalah hiburan..

termasuklah majalah mangga.....yang menayangkan buah mangga artis perempuan... .

Kalau ada konsert....sanggup orang Islam bertandang hingga

menghabiskan banyak wang dan bila ke konsert....

pelbagai maksiat akan diselit masuk.... Yahudi terhibur lagi....

fun,hiburan. mane boleh hidup tanpa hiburan kan ? huuu, mmg pun. tapi,kli kita tgk, konsertkonsert kebykkan org Islam lah pengunjungnya. konsert start pukul 8, mestilah nk smpai sblum pukul 8 kan. then, mestilah nk kna berebut lg, and so on. so,tertinggallah solat Maghrib. seandainya kita mati di konsert tersebut, ... hmmm... dengan tak solat lg... agakagak siapa yg boleh ajar kita mengucap syahadah waktu tu ? nauzubillah... sedangkan klu ada org yg ajar mengucap tu pun, belum tentu kita dpt ikut sepenuhnya sbb sakaratul maut, inikan pula klu tiada org yg ajarkan kita mengucap waktu menghadapinya... pernah dengar org mati kat konsert ? dia kafir, so takpala. klu Islam ? sedih kan ? tak boleh ke klu tgk kat tivi je ? tapi, klu nk jugak papehal, solatlah dulu...

6.... Female...

Perempuan... tawaran Yahudi yang amat mengasyikkan. .

terutama dalam iklan..yang kadang-kadang tidak ada kena

mengena dengan perempuan... . Kalau kita ke kedai bateri kereta....

dihadapan bateri terpampang gadis sunti separuh bogel beraksi.....

apa kena mengena bateri kereta dengan perempuan?.. .

kalau iklan Modess... perempuan adalah patutnya...

Yahudi bersorak lagi......

mmg pun. pegi PC fair, nmpak belambak pompuan yg jd model . pegi sane, ade pompuan jd model. apa kna mengena kereta ngan pompuan ? apa kna mngena teknologi ngan pompuan ? smpai skrg tak paham. lelaki seronoklah, cuci mata. kan ? ahaha ! selalunya, org akan snap gambar dengan modelmodel ney lah kan. haruslah yg seksi, cantik,tggi and so on. andainya kita mati semasa kita tgh snap photos dengan model uh. mcm mna ya ? mati tak knal tempat,usia and keadaan ~ kan ? tgk jela iklan kt tivi uh .

7...Fashion. ...

Fesyen terutama perempuan yang bermacam-macam. .

sehinggakan kalau pakai tudung pun mereka dah tak menutup aurat....

Macam mana dikatakan bertutup aurat jika bertudung tetapi berbaju ketat

yang kekadang menampakkan pusat?

Yang mewarnakan rambut lagi teruklah...

Buat apa bertudung kalau rambut diwarnakan.. ...

Bila warnakan rambut..mestilah tidak bertudung sebab kalau

bertudung..bagaiman a nak menayangkan warna rambut yang terkini itu...

Kalau dah rambut diwarnakan.. .. sembahyang pun tak sah...

malah mandi hadas pun tak sah sebab kebanyakan pewarna adalah kalis air...

itu tak kira yang cukur bulu kening lagi...

Yahudi ketawa lagi....

Umat Islam sudah jadi macam Yahudi.....

ini mmg terkena dekat diri sendiri ah. dushdushdush amek hang ! perempuan yg terutamanya. feshen feshen uh. nama pon pompuan, haruslah ikut pesyenpesyen ney kan ? so,pesanan buat diriku ini yg mmg gila pesyen jugak, jgn jadi hamba fesyen lah ya. agakagak sket . klu pakai shawl uh, mmg tak cukup luas untuk tutup partpart tertentu . (i know myself) so, im trying my best untuk menutup aurat sepenuhnya. (rasa mcm nk jual balek shawlshawl uh). baju pon sama. mak selalu pesan . "kakak duk kt KL uh hatihati sket. jgn duk ikut org sangat. org pakai pendek,kita pon nk pakai pendek. org pakai nmpak tuh,nmpak ney, kita pon nak jugak. ingt balek siapa pencipta kita,kak. jangan jadi hamba fashion, jadi hamba Allah tu lagi baik." kan ? betul jugak katakata mak sy uh. kekadang sy ney obses jugak dengan fashionfashion terbaru ney kan. hana tajima lah bagai. tapi,kita fikir baleklah. takkan sbb fashion,kita nk ignore perintah pencipta kita,ye dak ? kan ? siapalah kita ney, sesuka hati nk ignore perintah boss kita. kan ? siapa kita, siapa kita ? tak salah berfashion, (lawa ape!) tapi jgn smpai membuka aurat. kadangkadang rasa malu tgk kawankawan laen, yg lagi menutup aurat kan ? malu wey, kita ney rasa tak lyk ja nk kwn ngan depa semua. (pengalaman) rasa malu, rasa malu yg amat sngt . sbb apa ? sbb kita tak sebaik dia lah kan ? biarlah org kata kita ney buta fashion or apa sj yg depa nk ckp, janji kita tutup aurat . kan ? ada sesetengah org ckp, eiii, pakai tudung labuhlabuh,jubah hitam. dull gila ! tak menarik langsung, tak panaih ka pakai bj tgn panjang tebaitebai ney ? pakai bj hitam ja, boring betoi. kt neraka lg panaih wey ! pkiaqpkiaq norh...

8.. .. Food..Makanan. .

Lagi satu kegilaan Umat Islam terutama makanan dari Barat termasuklah

MC D, Kentucky , Pizza hut...dan seribu satu macam lagi...

Buah kurma yang menjadi makanan Rasulullah di pandang hina....

masuk rumah pun setahun sekali bila bulan Ramadan...

tapi makanan Barat menjadi kebanggaan.. .

Bila makanan datang dari Barat.. adakah kita yakin tentang

halalnya? Contoh Kentucky ....rempahnya datang dari Amerika....

siapa nak pergi check....halal ke tidak?

Bila makan benda haram, masakan iman menjadi mantap....

Maka lahirlah Umat Islam yang bukan perangai saja macam

yahudi.... tetapi berfikiran pun macam yahudi...Nauzubilla h.....

Yahudi makan Islam lagi...

arghhhhh ! ni lg satu kan ? sapa tak suka KFC ? sapa tak suka Pizza ? sapa tak suka McD ? menipu aihh. mesti kita suka salah satu kan ? emm, mmg susah nk get rid of these tasty delicious foods kan ? tak dinafikan, sy sndri susah kowt nk tolak mknanmknan mcm ney . sbb dah jd mcm habit mkn bndabnda mcm nie . mmg ada keraguan di sini sama ada mknan tersebut halal or not. ada jugak yg ckp mkanan ney, hasilnya mengalir ke tgn yahudi ,kankan ? untuk membeli senjata menembak sedarasedara kita di sana? kann ? kita mkn,kita menyumbang, tapi kita mengutuk menyumpah melaknat klu kita tgk video sedarasedara kita ditembak di sana. diragui kehalalannya dan keharaman mknan ney. klu syubhah atau raguragu, baek jgn mkn. mcm mna nk elak ehhh ? ada cdgn takkkkkkk ?? maybe boleh kurangkan sedikit demi sedikit . mkn kat Am jelahhhh ~~

Ini hanya baru sedikit yg di ambil dari protokol yahudi.....

protokol yang lain-lain entah macam-macam lagi....

aku ini juga cintakan Malaysia .....tetapi aku lebih cintakan ALLAH dan ISLAM.......

Oleh itu, jika berlaku pertembungan antara kepentingan manusia dengan kepentingan Allah......


1 minit untuk mengingat Allah

Langkah 1:

* Sebutlah dengan sepenuh hati dan lidah yang fasih:










Langkah 2:

* Hayatilah sedalamnya akan makna ayat demi ayat, perkataaan demi perkataan




Dalam sepotong ayat dan sepotong hadis ada menerangkannya:

"Sesungguhnya yang mengada-adakan kebohongan itu hanyalah orang-orang yang tidak beriman dengan ayat-ayat Allah dan merekalah pembohong-pembohong." (An-Nahl ayat 105)

"Barangsiapa mengatakan dariku apa yang aku tidak katakan, maka hendaklah Ia bersedia mengambil tempatnya dari Neraka."

(Hadith riwayat Az-Zahabi dalam Al-Kabair.)

sekadar mengingatkan.. smile ! ;D

19 April 2011

unstable emotions.

i think im not that strong to face all these rubbish around me made by brainless people. sorry friends. i do feel offended when you guys ignored some of the grouping assignments. i do feel hurt when you guys seemed too selfish . that's why i hate, reallyreally hate grouping work. why can't the boys be more alert about all these? takkan nak alert psl juniors sabah sarawak yang chantekchantek tue je kowt ? ape kejadahnye? ada faedah ke?

deep in my heart, i wish i don't have classmates like you guys. i don't mind if you guys did the wrong thing during the foundation year. we had discussions about this and you guys never realized even a single mistake you did. why ?

kalau mengumpat, number satu . mcm korang uh perfect sangat. sape korang ? malaikat ke ? mulot masingmasing mcm longkang, keje ? hmmmmm...

klu babbab juniors,membirah masingmasing. klu babbab keje grouping and so on, kene ketuk baru nak buat. kan?

FYI, i never had classmates like you guys. for almost these 2 years, i think i've been tortured in the hell of the world. sumpah.

i don't know why you guys tak pernah nak rasa bersalah or whatever. rasa mcm hebat sngt lah tuh kan ? penatlah .

we had discussions about this. you guys know me well right ? aku hambur je bile aku nak hambur. sometimes, i don't care about others feelings. tapi, korang mcm tak kesah je. lagi teruk adalah.

skrg aku dah malas. bukan malas erti im lazy to do my work, but in the sense that i would like to avoid communications with you guys. for a little short period of time. sorry , i think im a loser. skrg kita buat hal msg2 lah okay ? msg2 sedar tanggungjawab masing2, klu tak sedar jugak, please kill yourselves. the money that we are using right now is not our own money, not even only our parents money, but it is the citizen's money. people are paying us to study, even the poor pay the tax. even the poorest. tak sedar ke wey ?

tak rase berdosa or bersalah ke gune duwet org, tapi tak study betobetol ? perangai tuh tolongah ubah sket. penatlah . penatlah. penatlah.

i don't know about the coming years. 3 more years. we still have the chance to change ourselves. please,i'm begging you.

sorry, i think that my facial expressions would be a little bit of kelat klu kita terserempak. mmg akan pun kan, we are classmates. if you don't like it, avoid me.

p/s - this entry is posted based on my deep heart hurt feelings for almost 2 years. thanks .
it is in written form, might be effective enough than the spoken harsh words.

O Allah, i'm so sorry. please make me strong . please. please. please. ameen.