30 October 2010

. battle .

oh man !
battle is just around the corner .
mmg mati sbb tak study sngt pown, lebey lyn movie jek .
lagu yg mcm mengarot !~

so, now i feel that all the papers are killer papers .
1st - LDS
2nd - LDV (hello !!!)
3rd - ES (my God !)
4th - SS (lenguh la jari jemari aku nnt... )

oh man !

okay, lets pray and work hard people !
papehal pown, all the best from me !
bonne chance !

mntak maaf klu ade wat slh (mmg byk pown ).
so, guys, all the best again !~

o Allah, please help us... ameen .
bace bismillah n doa dulu sblum nk langkah masuk dewan exam ya !

26 October 2010

im dead

adoi, negative feelings revolve around me rite now.
i feel stupid, bengong, bodoh and semualah ~

warghhh, sumpah stress gila !
exam is just around the corner, otak plak mcm tabley jalan .

warghhhh !
warghhhh !
warghhhh !

answered the LDS questions just now, past years one, mcm gila nk mati susah !
susah ke aku je yg mcm bodoh sket ?
wargghhh, bukan sket dah, banyak gilos !

OMG !!

16 October 2010

i hope i can be like them.

just finished a programme with Dato' Seri Najib . yeah, for teacher's gathering . about 14000-16000 teachers were gathered at Stadium Bukit Jalil to listen to our
honourable pm. at first, quite boring because we reached there at about 7.15 a.m. but, just be cool.

the main point here is, i watched the video of teacher who are/were teaching in remote areas . and i'm touched . i really wish i could be like them, who don't care about the pain in the journey to schools, 8 hours to two days are needed just to reach at the schools. when they reached there, it is not as comfortable as what we have in city .

i really i could be as brave as them, for the sake of nation betterment !

09 October 2010

. eternal memories .

MAEPA 2 just finished yesterday, and yesterday was the closing for this programme.

MAEPA - Malaysia Australia Education Project for Afghanistan .


it sounds nice aite ? this programme is aiming to improve the literacy percentage among the Afghanis . it is the cooperation between 3 countries which are fully funded by Australia government . Malaysia - Australia - Afghanistan.


once, Madam Tan (my mentor ) asked our help. the teaching team, Mr Aslam, Madam Maimon and many more needed the help from the students, to have conversation session/class with them . at first, i was hesitate to join this session because i was quite afraid of them (my bad! ). maybe it was my fault to stereotype them. i'm so sorry ! it was my fault . Madam asked in the class, for few times. everyone was hesitate and not willing to join in. suddenly, Madam said that ...

" if you want to improve yourself, proficiency, give yourself a chance. if you help people, people will help you. "

i realised that i'm not good enough in the language . i was thinking for many times whether to get involve or not . out of sudden, she mentioned some names .

"shima, sufi ? how about you all ?"

i raised my hands, so do some of my friends. shima, iqa and hana. actually, i really want to get involve in this session, but looking some of my friends, they were not sure, so i kept it within my heart and myself . i confirmed it with my friends . before the session began, we were introduced to them by Sir Aslam . but, some of them were in IPIS . for the first time, we were very awkward and feeling strangely nervous . but, we tried our best to control our nervousness to cope with the situation. i was introduced to my group members, Soma, Obaidullah and the other one, i couldn't remember his name.


during the first meeting with the participants, yes . my bad perception towards them has changed ! they are not like what i was thinking all this while . they are really enthusiastic in learning English. i had a conversation session just for minutes for my group. this is because we want to know all the participants, so we exchanged the group. but, due to the time constrain, i just knew some of them . they are really funny people, well educated. oh ya, they are the Master Teacher Training (MTT). it means that they are the lecturers and came here to learn more and have some strategies on teaching method. they came from various courses such as Persian literature course, Islamic Course, English Course and many more. they seemed to know more about our country . they love to sing, especially their songs which mostly are in Pashtur language. and to my surprise, most of them love to listen and sing the bollywood songs ! they know more about SRK, Salman Khan, and many more. hahaha, they are funny . :D


there are many things that i've learnt from them . now i know that in their country, they don't have the preschool in their education system . they have 3 levels of education and English is not their second language. that's why they came here to improve on their English proficiency and technology skills. they have learnt many things here. they visited many schools, and shared everything that they did here with us, the conversation team. we also shared many things. we exchanged the knowledge of culture , interesting places in both countries.


along the way, actually i dont have the conversation with my own group because maybe they were too busy. so, i only have a member, Asdullah Azizi. he's a married man and a lecturer. (of course they are all the lecturers). at first, he didn't have the confidence within himself to speak in the language. it's quite difficult at first, but as time passed by, he has improve much better. he always said that "Shima and Sufi are my English teachers". i gave him a book, on how to improve the conversation skills in English, and i really hope that he will implement everything that he had learnt here in his own country, Afghanistan. he even gave us fruits. i think, 5 kgs of fruits. so nice of him . actually, i'm proud of him. Madam Maimon said that he was getting more active in the class, more talkative. a good achievement ! (now,i'm missing him! )


not only him, i got a new friend. the first foreigner that i know. Mohammad Qahir Arian, the interpreter for this project . i met him via FB, and in reality. haha! a guy from economic department and he is the interpreter since MAEPA 1. i didn't know that. he is tall and handsome. i think i am so lucky to know him since he is really important in MAEPA. he is not arrogant, and so nice ! i'm glad to know him. but, i didn't have chances to communicate in reality with him because he was too busy with his work here. but we always chat via fb . he is a funny guy, so nice and smart. he is fluent and loves to joke . he always sings the song ' rasa sayang eh rasa sayang sayang eh'. hahaha ! funny guy !


before their departure day, we had a dinner with them. 4 of them were Azizi, Ihsas, Sharafuddin and Bahir.i have invited Arian, but he was too busy with the speeches that he need to deliver the next day during the closing ceremony. we had a meal at the pizza and it was our treat. we chatted and laughed, the sadness flew away for a while. then, Hana and Iqa went away to buy something for four of them. Shima and I just wandered around the Mid Valley, looking for some cute stuffs while waiting for Hana and Iqa. suddenly Bahir said that he wants to buy something for us. we said that we don't need anything. but, he kept following us, to buy something . at last, when Hana and Iqa finished with the gifts that we want to give them, we chose teddy bear. they looked at us with confusion. they said that those teddies are for baby only. you are grown up ladies, why must you buy teddy bear ? they asked the question and we just said that we love teddies ! i cant' forget their expressions. hahahh !


the departure day, i felt so sad. we went to block 7 for a while before their departure time. we felt so sad because we will be far apart. some of them will join the MTCP team next year. some with them won't come here again. we chatted, joking and taking pictures for the last time. suddenly i felt my tears were filled with tears. no more 'no macapagamanana' form Ihsas. no more ' rasa sayang eh rasa rasa sayang eh' from Arian. OMG, i felt so sad when we said goodbye to them for the last time. we said goodbye, and all the best for them.


me with daddy, mr mahboobi. miss your jokes ...

pizza hut farewell ~

really miss you guys ~ !

the handsome group leader, Hamdard.

roshan, cutiee !

akhbar . 'habiss.'

me with Ihsas. the most crazy lecturer i've ever met. hahaha !
' no macapaganamana '

last conversation session. miss you guys ~

thank you so much !

last meeting. so sad ~

me with Abdul Latif Hamdard, the leader for this group. the nite before they depart

this is my buddy, Asdullah Azizi. :D miss him ~

posing . :D

gonna miss you so muchhh !

so, to all MAEPA 2 participants, all the best from me. nice to meet all of you. u guys are so nice and honest . gonna miss all of you, please come again to Malaysia. i wont forget all of you. implement the things that you guys have learnt here. don't forget me, don't forget us, don't forget IPBA, don't forget KL and don't forget Malaysia . please, be our honoured guests. miss, love and doa for all of you. may Allah bless . ameen ...

miss you guys....


03 October 2010


i have discovered sumthin new bout me.

i eat when im stress.

food !