30 December 2010


tomorrow . i'm going back to my campus and this is quite hurting . i feel sad and quite emotional for few days before i step my foot on the educational ground . i feel like,urghhh ! many things to be thinking for, many things to do, many things to be paid off, arghh, byklah . need to deal with emotions again, when we see the people that we don't really like, or mostly the assignments .

sedey kan ? for those people who live near the campus, its not a big deal lah kan , every week bole balek . so, this is not really matters for them . if they feel stressed out, they can just go back . if they don't have money, balek jela. ape lg tggu kan . itulah kelebihan org yg duduk dekat ngan campus . for those who live miles away from campus, haha, sabo jelah . well, we can considered ourselves as 'anak perantau' . actually, i'm not really anak perantau lah since i have uncles and relatives here . hah,what ever lah !

okay,no more getting up late everyday, no more feeding the cats, no more watching the tv until late midnight, no more gayutgayut, no more fighting with my lil bro, ouch ! feel sad about this . but, we need to move on . feel sad, huhu. takpela . time will heal it .

so proud of you heroes . i mean, the football team . well, cewekcewek suda mula berebut KF or officially known as Khairul Fahmi . hee,sape tak knal dye skrg ney . sape tak knal,malu ah . takya jd rakyat M'sia ah . for 14 years of waiting, at last, we own the glory man ! Piala AFF .huhu. such a big proud ! tenkiu heroes ! i watched them , even though i'm not really into this football thingy . such a big fat proud of all of you ! *clapclap* semangat nk balek IPBA . haha !

okay, thats all. new year's resolutions, humm. i'll just keep it inside the heart . tata all . please pray for my long journey tomorrow . gudnyte people. salam ~

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