24 November 2010

chica torpe grandes

gulp ! i was playing with the applications on the Facebook . and i took 'i dare you' application . so, it challenges me with the poem that i need to create for the first person who like the post . and it is Jaja . wekk, specially made for you .

Chica torpe grandes
she a chica
a big big girl
with a big mind, big heart .
nothing is impossible for her, as she is always happy.
it continues to puzzle me .
why she always seems like don't have problems .
does she take this life for granted ?
of course not .
i know, she wouldnt.
i admire the big passion in her .
the big heart .
the big soul in her .
the big spirit in her soul .
there's a faith in her .
she believes, if we always follow the flow of the life .
everything will be fine .
nurulsufi .

haha, okay . mmg nonsense gila poem ney . sorry ah. i don't have the talent to make poems yet . we'll see soon if i rajen . haha. :p

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