24 August 2010

NEVER take for granted of everything that appears in our life.

salam my heart and everyone who are willing to read my nonsense writing. actually,the thing that triggers my mood to write for tonite is a post from a friend (not actually friend) in UM, a very strong person i reckon.

in her post,it is stated that she just lost her best friend(a guy),and feeling guilty on his death.

the story of this tragic death began after solat jumaat. the allahyarham was rushing going back to his dorm,remembering of his promise with one of her girlfriends to go out to mid valley. he left her hp and wallet in his room. unluckily, the room was locked by his roomate. he decided to climb through the wall,and he didn't wear his spectacles. couldn't control himself,then he fell down from the fifth floor. and he died...innalillah~

in meanwhile i was reading the post,suddenly i feel that my heart sank to the deepest level. o ya Allah,i know You want to test Your true believers. o ya Allah,please strengthen our hearts,our souls so we will be in the right path. the path that You provide for us. the best way that You show to us.

actually,i was about to cry when reading her post. ya Allah,sedihnya~ a big lost in our life,when the people we love,we care are not in front of our eyes anymore. oh sedihya hati,ralatnya jiwa.
and the most important thing, we are not there when he/she needs us. during the last breath of him/her,we were not there to listen to his last word. to listen to his/her almost soundless voice. o ya Allah!

yesterday,he ( i use 'he' instead of he/she) stood, and smiled at us. his smile,can take us to another planet. o ya Allah! thank you for this friend. yesterday,he motivated us, not to give up easily. yesterday,he said he will make sure that we will success in our life. yesterday,he promised to accompany us study,make sure we will not repeat the paper.

today,he lies on the ground,his face is covered by his own blood on the rainy day. o ya Allah,and we were not there.

semoga roh allahyarham berada dalam perlindunganNya. amin...

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*this post is based on someone's post.u can read from the link above*.