24 October 2011

boring entry.

deepavali is coming. so the holidays. so cuti 7 hari nie mmg tak plan bk buat apeape melainkan nak study *studylah sangat* and more surfing, more eating, more playing kiddo games. ahaa, playing baby maker is quite awesome. sangat comel ! serious tak tipu !

and i can't waittttttttttt to finish three more years of studying at IPBA. miumiuu ! cepatlahhh !~~

err apsal mozilla is quite slower than chrome eh ? tp chrome tak best la.

*where art thou, Romeo ? *


11 October 2011

twitter activated !

dah boring sangat ngan FB, skrg kembali mengemas kini Twitter . mcm best je . hihi !

09 October 2011

muka buku dan cinta !

okay, stop with "you are nothing but a piece of shit" entry. lets move on !

i bet all of you have
listened to Najwa Latif's first single, Cinta Mukabuku ayte ? kalau tak dengar lagi, you can just Utube it.

i just listened to this sweet adorable catchy song a few days back, *so outdated of me!* okay, i realized that.

i also have read some bad comments from bad listeners in Malaysia. they just don't know to appreciate this kid's sweet lovely voice. tak suka dengar, takya la dengar.

but seriously, i become soooooo addicted to this song. so cute. so cute ! so cute ! she's is just 16 years old, she's a shy person. believe me. her idol is Justin Bieber ! haha ! both are cute.

so i think she's a good product of Malaysia for music area. she wants to be a singer, but mind you. she's a teen singer with brain. she managed to get 7A and 1B during her PMR time. isn't that great ? alaala Lisa Surihani lah kan. that's a good move !

to those haters, come out with your own catchy super duper song . or else,
stop criticizing others. takde keje betol. aishh.

whateverlah, btw Najwa, u have such lovely voice and face, talent to play guitar *what a bonus!* don't forget your studies. BE A SINGER WITH BRAIN AND TALENT. be humble and stay cute ! love yaaa !i realized that both of them have the same smile. sweet !

p/s : jgn lupa dengar lagu nie kat U tube !

08 October 2011

pretty gals.

caution : this entry contains 100 % anger and 0% EQ. and some bias. and childish. thank you.

i had a thought. still having it in my mind. for Muslim, they must be familiar with this powerful quote.

"kebersihan itu separuh daripada iman".

must be familiar kan ? kalau tak familiar, tanya Mr. Google.

i just have had this feeling and thought.

'beauty gals don't know how to do the house chores'.

euww, mesti ramai yg marah kan. but, i care less bout that.

senang cerita


okay, experience it for 2 and half years obviously at IPBA lah kan. duduk serumah with those stupid beautiful gals really makes me sick.

they don't know how to clean the toilet. *okay, kerja low class kan.*

they don't know how to keep things in perfect and neat way. *okay, ada aku kesah ?*

they don't know how to make their bed. *whatthehell??!!*

they don't know how to wash the dishes neatly without oil still sticking on them. *goshhhhhhh !*

they don't know how to sweep the floor for the whole room. *sapu tempat diorang je buat ape. mak bapak ko ke yg beli penyapu uh? mati aku ngan bebudak mcm nie.*

they don't know to take care of the cleanliness of the house. *sumpah pengotor .*

i had a roomate. she shared with me.

"bebudak pompuan yang chantek nie mmg pengotor. serius. aku ada experience masa duk asrama dulu. gile pengotor. tapi, bile masuk IPBA, aku dah tak heran sangat. sebab aku dah tawu."

i lived in asrama once. MRSM. i had beautiful roommates and we did the room chores perfectly.

kipas, no habuk is allowed.

tingkap, lagilah. pepagi aku kena paksa cuci tingka

katil, perghhh. tak tegang, mau kena perli rapatrapat.

penyapu and penyodok wajib ada di cube A and cube B.

every week kena mop bilik with sabun basuh baju woi !

loker, kemas.

no baju yang lembab is allowed in the bilik.

no rambut is allowed on the floor.

semua ahli bilik digalakkan untuk menegur secara
kasar or halus if one of the members yang kotor di tempat beliau.

light off, wajib pkul 11 mlm. sesape yang rajin terlebeyh nak stay up, sila beli lampu study sndri. takyah nak nyusahkan org lain yang nk tidur dengan switch on the main lamp. kesian org uh, nnt tak pepasal dpt cancer sbb tido under light.

sesiapa yang nak dengar lagu, buy your own earphones.

pinggan, mangkuk, cawan, simpan in one area.

baju, tak dibernarkan bersepah atas katil, atas
lang katil, or di manamana sahaja melainkan di dalam loker.

baldi, letak bawah katil.

kasut, susun.

tong sampah , wajib basuh every week.

langsir, no habuk is allowed.

febreeze wajib ada for the langsir and katil.

cadar and sarung bantal and everything wajib basuh every week.

benda simple. and, actually, we didn't put the rules as in white or black. or in written or in spoken form. we just take care of the room as well as other members. we were a family. kalau sorang ada masalah, ada 7 orang yang sentiasa support. kalau sorang sakit, ada 7 orang yang tolong jaga. thats the way things were. we ate together, went to the surau together, wasted our time watching niyang rapik at that time, studied together, cried and
laughed together.

now in IPBA, everything is the other way round. nak tegur, but i believe that all of us have grown up physically and mentally. kalau dah nmpak orang nak tidur, just get out of her room, stop making annoying noise. agakagaklah nak berFB until Subuh pun with the main lamp is switched on. stop Skyping with other friends who live in the other blocks. hello, budak tue blaja kt IPBA okay ? everyday boleh jumpa, Skype for what ? goshhhhhhhhhh ! dahla memekak like hell ! memekak klu pukul 10 malam takpe jugak, nie pukul 12 pagi oi. gelak mcm org gila, i just don't understand why they did that. klu ngan mak bapak, takde pulak korang n
ak skype kan. gosh ! another thing, berak everyday. toilet bowl uh nak suro orang gaji basuh ke ? aigooo, simple lah. ko yang berak, ko basuhla . jgnlah bingai sangat ! kalau baju bleh basuh everyday, takkan toilet tempat korang berak uh tak reti nak basuh ? aishh, blaja tetinggi, pengotor rupanya. come on lah pretty gals, kita perempuan okay ? PEREMPUAN !

so, aku sarankan lelaki di luar sana, silalah check gf anda. pasanglah spy ke, ape ke. make sure spy tue perempuan, kang klu spy lelaki, bnde lain yg jadi plak nnt. jgn nanti bila dah kawen,

OHMAIGOD ! bini aku tak reti basuh toilet ! aku yg kena basuh toilet everyday ! WHATTHEHELL !

bini aku tak reti kemas katil. WHATTHEHELL !!!

*aku tak ckp basuh toilet tue kerja pompuan, tapi, kerjasamalahhh korang lakibini. bapak aku yang sudah beruban pun boleh basuh toilet, takkan korang lelaki yang gagahkacaklagihandsome tak boleh kan?*

okay, nk cerita lagi. i had one classmate. she's very fus
sy about cleanliness. i don't know much about her room, but im very sure of her cleanliness about the classroom. during prep time, we used to eat some biscuits, sweets and coffee in the class. then, of course lah bersepah bersepai class uh. and then, there was one particular classmate, she was not as clean as her. so, she always left the food under her desk. tempat yang kita letak buku, bawah meja. this fussy girl said, "oyy tuttt, tolonglah bersihkan sikit tempat hang tue. semut hang taw dak nanti (because biscuits are sweet). eiii, pengotoq lahhh ! malulah sikit kat budak laki ! " . and this poor unclean gal said " biaqlah. bukannya aku nak kawen ngan depa pun!". and i laughed. but, i was thinking, btol jugak. mcm mnalah nak kawen klu dri sndri tak bersih kan. mmglah kita takmau kawin ngan lelakilelaki classmates kita, but come on lah. think more. bukan psl kawen sngt, but seriously . it do reflects ourselves.


p/s - sometimes, i just hate pretty gals. this is my bias.