18 November 2010

happy idul adha + happy anniversary !

happyhappyhappy Idul Adha for all Muslims around the world ! may Allah bless all of us . this celebration reminds us about the sacrifice made by the prophet Abraham and Ishmael . The prophet Abraham needed to sacrifice her son, Ishmael as an act of obedience to Allah. so, as Muslims, we need to celebrate this festival as a remembrance for this sacrifice .

and happy anniversary to my parents . hehe. may Allah bless your marriage with these two good kids . kankankan ? hahahaha ! i love both of you . (^_^) cepatcepat pegi haji ye . mmg jelesh tgk org len pegi haji en ? lallaaa . takpa, work hard,pray hard okay ? may Allah bless ! (^_^)

ade style tak rmbut kami ?

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