13 March 2010


Thanks God it's Friday.
so, we planned to just have a briefing on our play.
at first, it was a chaos because we didn't choose our people to be on the stage.
+madam rekha + miss nazura.
pagi yg hot!

so, the chaos began.
harris, our stage manager, dah start marah marah.
so, we had an audition.
for the characters.
macbeth, lady macbeth, witches, banquo, ross, king duncan....

macbeth - abe we
lady macbeth - me! wakakaka!
witches - eizhar, midah, asma, fara, ina. * i can't remember the other one*
banquo- ashimah
king duncan - amirul gemok.haha!
ross - syahmi

so, we need to work very very hard because we have only 1 months ++ to put the play.
so, to all my committee members, all the best!
jia you jia you!!

the witches.