31 March 2012

random post.

been very busy these few past weeks. such hell weeks. balik class bukak lappie buat tutorial buat assignment. sent off stupid rejected drafts to lecturers and had extra lectures.

BIG was a good shot. but well well well.

SBE was a good one too. rasanya lagi best duduk di sekolah compared to belajar di IPBA. so, i told my mum;

"mak, IPBA bores me. sekolah is the best place for me. yeah, actually i don't to go back."

she smiled. and my dad interrupted our sweet mother-daughter conversation.

"abeh, mcm mana nak mengajaq kalau tak belajaq. belajaq mmg susah."

i just smiled. malas nak argue lagi. if only he knew my super boring life at IPBA, i bet he will just agree with me.

so, i met 4 new friends during SBE. 4 trainee teachers form IPDA. (IPG Darulaman) which is located at Jitra. they are all four grown men. 2 ustazs and 2 science teachers. practicum teachers, 3rd year. so it was super awkward when i didnt have any SBE friends yet i met 4 practicum teachers. they were nice, but what i've been informed is that they are the best students at IPDA. heeee. i didnt have the chance to sembang panjang with them because they looked super busy with their work, but at least we had that littlelittle conversations. the teachers were super awesome even though initially, they were like @*&#(#@ ! during the last day, barulah nak berbaikbaik. the students are cute. mcm artis pun ada.

so, that's it for my SBE.

as for the assignments, i foresee my dark future grades. arghh. my place (katil,meja) was sooooo messy with all the teaching aids and blablabla. urghh. can't wait to see my practicum life. uhhh.

yeahyeah. really can't wait for practicum. avada kedavra !

07 March 2012

an angel in disguise?

emosi tak terkawal bila baca berita Metro (today) kolum berita. seorang ibu merakam anaknya dirogol oleh teman lelaki.

seriously rasa sedih bila baca berita nie. geram and marah, budak uh baru 11 tahun and ibu yang sepatutnya menjadi malaikat kepada KANAK-KANAK PEREMPUAN tersebut dah jadi DAJAL.

hukuman penjara 20 tahun pun belum tentu dapat ubati trauma budak uh.

semoga Allah balas segala perbuatan kamu semua.