26 December 2010

oh yeahh !

Assalamualaikum . owww man ! it has been quite a long time i didn't post anything ayte ? (eleh,sape nk bace blog ney . kankankan?) haha, i don't even care . actually, i have many things to write, thinking that i was just super duper extremely lazy until i feel it has nothing to do with Fb,twitter and all that .

PMR result has just announced . oh yeah ! my lil bro's result was beyond our expectations and the ceremony was awesome awesome awesomeeee ! oh yeah,congrats lil bro . nanti boleh la blanja i Kentucky Fried Chicken . yayyyy !

okay, a few days left for new year celebration ! oh yeah. it means i need to go back to my paradise . hehe. friends will know. ohhh, i im forced to take all my things from block 3 to blck 5. migration, berhijrah la katekan . well,thank you for the people from the paradise . i mean, the people who are working for the paradise and the penghuni .

okay, lets start thinking about the new year resolutions . haa,nk kurus,nk byk duwet, ape lg nak ?
haaa, hahaha !

till we meet again, muachsss ! lovelovelove!

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