06 November 2010

...gian tyme exam ...

hola guys ! como estas ? whoootwhooot ! tajuk mcm bes, tp tak best pown entry ney .

bengangggg !MySpace

apsal bnde "UNDEFINED" neyh still ade kt sni ??!! arghhh ! mencacatkan jek !

meh nk cerite psl cerite gian tyme exam . it happens around me . (^_^)

rumate sorang gian maen gitar . tp, disebabkan dye still
fresh, fresh dr ladang, so tak pndai maen lg la . right after LDS has finished, 3 of us (shima, iqa and I) rushed (ehehehe) to Amcorp to buy the guitar . at last ! so, giangian maen pown, exam ttap exam kak ! hahahaha ! betapa giannya kwn aku ney, smpai nk jual balek gitar dye sbb dye tak pndai maen . mi amor, nothing is easy in this world. if u wanna be like the hot guy, Syn, u must walk through hell. hahahaha !


sorang agy gian bergayut . i also don't have any ideas dye gayut ngan sape . (bf la kan...i reckon) so, mmg bermanjelah beliau bersame hp n bfnya itu . hahak !


okay. ney classmate plak . gian nk blaja bhse Mandarin, which I think "ohhh, that's good !" haha, but the funny part is, she wants to learn Mandarin so much because she wants to know what are those Chinese speaking about (my clasmates and others) . kowtkowt la ngumpat dye ke kan. hahahaha !! but, i have experience learning Mandarin . it is a hard language (for me ) because ade mcm nadanada tertentu . ahhh,susah ah nk cite nk sni . i've learnt some, but almost forgotten all (hahahaha) the rules on how to pronounce the words . itu pown blaja mase F2 . haha ~ (^_^)


okay, wanna storymory sket my own 'gianness'. hahahaha ! gian nk bace novel je skrg neyy ! English la kan, sbb terase mcm estupido jek English aku ney. ayat mcm tututttt ! haihhh. =.=.


act, i have a collection on novels (English + Malay ) but i haven't done on the reading part . i don't have any ideas when im going to finish reading all those thick books ! haiyak, but, be cool ~ one more, gian sesangat nk blaja Spanish ~ gilosmos ! oh God, ade sesape yg willing nk ajar sy Espanol tak ? puhlease , im begging ~~people are studying French, German, Korea and so on, but im crazy over that language . err, since I was in f1 I think . so, i started with some websites and also a compulsory site, Google Translator ! haha, tenkiu mi amor ! hahaha ! harusla gune Google Translator ney, an ultimate source ! haha ! i've learnt few words la, tp susah jugakla. mane ade bnde yg sng in this world kan . so, in a nutshell (aiseh,ayat karangan), *nothing is easy in this world, yet nothing is impossible . * kankankan ??


ha, have one more thing . my friend have found a website for cute blog background ! so, for those who want it, just click here . (^_^) hihi, enjoy !

now, i'm struggling with my blog and my thick books too ! hahahaha !MySpace

~ niela Syn ~

~ stylo ~

~ oh people, ignore the tatoos ~


MySpace~ mcm muke mase tgh study jek. hahah ! ~

~ lets learn Espanol ~

p/s - to all Maepa II participants,echo de menos a todos ustedes ! muachsss !

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