14 December 2010

~ nightmare ~

oh gosh ! i had a terrible -awful-most crazy - dream last night . it was about a ceremony . there were too many students, were talking each other . some of them were obviously happy and some of them were not . okay . i realized that it was a result-taking ceremony. oh gosh ! i could see people crying happily and vice versa . okay,it was my turn. i walked steadily, without people knowing how fast my heart was beating at that time, and zappppppppp ! i stared at the piece of paper, i took 4 subjects . 2 A's and 2 D's. what does it mean people ? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa again ! the grade 'D' itself shows that I was sooooo near to the word 'fail' . and right now IPBArians especially my cohort, PPSIMP Tesl , friends of mine, are busy spreading the rumours that lots of students have failed one paper, LDV paper . okay, rumours . and IPBA, don't call me . thank you .

oh God, please tell me that it was just a nightmare ! !

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