20 November 2010

mixed pot .

the title for this entry is 'mixed pot'. i'm not sure why did i choose this title, whether it is interesting or not, i don't even care. maybe some mixed stories and emotions here.

first of all . i just know that our HOD and some wardens were discussing about the students who went back home before 19th of November . okay, i found out from my friend, Iqa . err, feel quite scared but i'm wondering why were they discussing about this. and furthermore, only English Department were involved in this meeting . oh my ! i know that i am wrong, went back soooo early . on Sat if im not mistaken . so whattt ? a week before the 'real' date . it is just because my dad couldnt pick me up the following week, thats why i went back a little bit early from the others . i just don't understand the system here . there were also some people who went back early, there's nothing much action were taken . whoever they are, they are still students ayte ? they are still under the 174 ayte ? huh . just don't understand . furthermore, we don't have classes anymore. why should we stay there ? who wants to celebrate the Eid there ? oh my ! whatever the punishments will be, please don't cut on our allowances . we still need the allowance for survival .

secondly. i've changed the layout for my blog. it's quite nice for me. but, fyi, i don't like it too much. it looks like a mess blog . but, when i was looking for something superb for my blog layout, this is the only marvellous superb gila chantek pny layout . i think so . i couldnt find any layout that is 'eye-catchy' enough for my blog . this is the one . layanlaaa ~

holidays . idk what to do during holidays time. (err, its actually holidays or holiday ? someone, help me with this thing). i bought a bunch of novels, err . Thirst, The Socerer's Apprentice, Eclipse, Shiver, Pride and Prejudice and many more. the list goes on. the thing is, i take a lot of time to finish even an English novel . i am quite slow in reading English materials (my bad!) and i'm trying to cope with it . ohhh . kesian teacher wannabe sorang ney kan . uhukuhukkuhukk ! okay, my mum is crazy listening to her favourite ustaz , Ustaz Kazim . every weekend, okay. almost everynight she will listen to him . repeat punya pon jalan . the same goes to my abah . tak habeshabes Ustaz Kazaim depa . my lil bro plak, sign in fb, chatting 24 hours non-stop with his beloved friends . haiyaa . mentangmentang exam da habes . he takes advantage on a pc and 2 laptops in my house . okay, good for him after the struggling period . let him socialize in the 'maya' world .

i have 2 new allergies . firstly, cats . even if i touch them, the virus will spread quickly, runs in my blood vessels. (nonsense ). okay, i just this new kind of allergy . and i really hate it . ohhh, suratan takdir nasibku ... i will get my eyes icthy, my nose running greatly with the fluid (oh goshh !) , headache, my body will become hotter and it's quite difficult for me to breath . ohhhh, kesian teacher wannabe nie kan . i can't even touch them, or be close to them . idk how to live in this house because we have 4 cats . awesome ayte ? okay, my cute big fat cats, stay outside . i will give your food, outside okay ? go and play, run awayyyy ! lalalalala. insane . another allergy is i'm allergic to dust . habukhabukhabuk . i think, most people have the same allergy as me ayte ? uhuk . it's just difficult for me to clean up my own room (yg berhabuk gila uhh) because i don't have maid or pembantu rumah to deal with the room . both of my parents are working, swasta plak uh . only a day of rest. so, no one is watching the room except for the invisible one. (jengjengjeng). so, a day of cleaning my own room, 4 days of flu ! ohh myy ! + cats some more . mmg berpenyakit ah .

so, thats all. byee . muchas thanks for reading !

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