25 November 2010

. ngangkung .

since my parents can't 'duk sajasaja' at home, so we decided to have a movie watch at The Alor Star Mall nearby . er, not so nearby, few miles from our home . abah was so confused to choose the movie, so my lil bro chose 'Ngangkung'. i preferred to watch Harry Potter, but it will only start at 4.45 p.m. my dad wanted to watch Rapunzel, the same problem . it started at 5 p.m. so, easy way, we watched 'Ngangkung' since the trailer is not too bad i reckon .

a typical Malay story . comedy movie . it was directed by Ismail Bob Hasim and everyone knows he is a famous movie director . Shaheizy Sam, Angah Raja Lawak, Azad Jasmin, Eira Syazira, Puti Mardiana, Farisha Fatin, Lan Pet Pet are some of the casts . well, Shaheizy acted out well as a sweet loving father . i mean it . i think, he could a very lovely sweet handsome father in future . he played his role well . the same goes to other casts too !

what is 'Ngangkung' actually ? i just know that 'Ngangkung' is the dark art to ask for lottery . mcm nk mntak number ekor ah dekat jin and syaiton . haha ! lemme tell u this . the hantu in this movie is sooooo funny, comel. ayu gitu . if u don't believe me, go and watch for yourself !

a gargantuan thank-you to my abah sbb belanja my family tgk this movie . tenkiu abah ! (^_^)

here's some info bout this marvellous movie .

A story of 3 bestfriends, played by Shaheizy Sam, Azad Jazmin & Angah (Raja Lawak) who loved 'Ngangkung' (Dark art to ask for lottery). Azim (Shaheizy Sam) is a common worker who already been married and has a daughter named Wahida (Farisha Fatin). Taznim invited Azim to join him and Wan (Angah Raja Lawak) to go 'mengangkung'. Even though their wives (Eira Syazira & Putri Mardiana) disagree with their habit, but they still insist to be rich in an easier way. Many humorous and horrified things happen while they were trying to reach their dream to be rich. What will happen?Can they fulfill their dreams ?

the backbone of 'Ngangkung'

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