30 April 2010

friends and love.

act, at 1st, i was in the mood to write...
but, now the mood has gone away....


baru lepas melantak kt garden(terime kaseh abeabe sekalian...)
kenyang perut suka hati!

this morning...
i had the public speaking evaluation.
idky i was toooo nervous.
till i can feel that my voice was shivering badly.
it was pretty awful!
i can see that all my friends did well in their speeches.
but i failed!
during the reflection session that was about 20 minutes before the LS period finished, i reflected on my speech.
everybody realised that i wass too nervous, including Mr. Thirru.
i don't have any idea why i should nervous until it affected my speech.
maybe, the environment.

lately, i was too damn busy with the play production, Macbeth.
act, i wass proud with the TESLians during the 1st rehearsal.
they were just tooo awesome!
there were some did well.
some not.
but, we still have time to buck up with it.
more expression, more feeling.
jia you guyssss!
everynite, we have meeting.
for the acting, the costumes, the props(most crucial this time)
our stage manager,our director..
and all of PPISMP TESL 1.3 + 1.4...
not to forget some secondary students...
mira, lam and amirul syahmee...
jia you guysss!
come on!
i really hope we can make the most happening act!
i do pray to Allah...
we can do the best!
and we leave the rest to Him...
abe we, me myself, shima, syamee, syamer, mirul, mai, sya..
do the best!

cube teke sapekah encikrabbit yg sy maksudkan?
he is just too cute.
biarlah rahsia...

on last thursday, the rhythm of the champions was just too awesome!
we have 6 bands...
last minute, 3 missed calls, K-mistery, cafe blok 4, pride of year 4...
i just can't believe that they were very talented!
boys and girls.
congrats guysss!
sesape yg menang, congratss!
sesape yg kalah...relaxxx!
but, u guys were just amazing!
gud job!

this weekend, i'm off without money.
abah janji nk masukkan duwet, tp lambat agy.
i wanna buy contact lenses and new shoes.
maw yg branded tp murah.
mana maw carik?
bak kate iqa, vincci sudeyh.

so, babai!

09 April 2010

english camp

it has been a long time i didn't update my own blog. huwaaa! too busy meyh. got many works to be done n this that blablabla...tingtong! i just finished our English Camp programme today. Friday. 9th April 2010. around 9 a.m. soooo tired lah. we have the participants from IPBA itself, IPBM and IPTAA (Tengku Ampuan Afzan). the total number is about 250++. we have been located to the new block, block 8. some people say that the block is 'berhantu or keras'. huu. but alhamdulillah, everything was doing fine.MySpace

1st day.

wahaa. the worst day ever? nonono! registeration day. huu. but i was one of the usherers??*don't know the exactly term*.quite a chaotic day because we had many rehearsal for the opening ceremony. *kecian para para *usherers* nie.mcm xde keje. bosan!* sooooo, i just stood there, was waiting for the rector and other VIPs. aiyoo. penat woh senyum senyum n say "hye..welcome to IPBA" to everyone. senyumsenyumsenyum! but, it was a great honour to welcome every participants to IPBA including the lecturers from the two respective IPGs. we had a briefing at the audi but it was quite suprising when the IPTAA have not reached IPBA at that time. huuuu. then, we have opening ceremony. the performance from the PEWARIS was just veryyyy AWEsomEE!! i really like it~ i was enjoying the performance like they were alike as professional dancers. Kak Nisa, Uncleyus, eizhar, afiq, raja, n few students from B.ed tesl cohort 4, u guys were awesomee!!! about 2 p.m., we had ice breaking. haha! it was just too funny because we have been treated like kids. haha~ we need to find friends who have the same birth of months with us n i can't recall it right now. so, KIV. we had a very fantastic language games session. wahaa. i got lollipoppp!!


during da nite, we had a briefing for a forum that will conducted by us. huh. my group, YELLOW, combined with other group named as LIGHT PURPLE. so, both of the group discussed about the issue. oh yeah! almost forgotten. hurm. our theme is lifestyle. so, suggestions from the members of the group.
  • stay together before getting married.
  • differences of lifestyle in M'sia n other countries.
  • divorce
  • early marriage
  • age gap between bride and groom.
we had chosen the topic stay together before getting married. our panels were kuwe, tila, aziz, n nadia. huu. thanks guysss!! before getting to bed, we had a briefing for the skits. acting acting acting. hurmmmm...

day 2

we had an aerobic session with our hottest lecturer, madam Hazian. heee. best woh. although there were some technical errors, but we just continued the session. unfortunately, last nite, there was no water at all. NO WATERR!!MySpace aish. then, we need to turn back to our former hostel, mine..block 3. haish. a long journey. just because we need to mandi there. we had impromptu speech and choral speaking session after that. the worst part was, i didn't memorise the script or the lines given. hahaha!~ quite freaky becoz i just memorised it few minutes before my turn. hahaha! idk how i did that. but, i think i really enjoy the choral speaking session. because we combined with the IBM students where they were really really sporting and cooperative enough for us!! love u guysss! thanks debbie, thanks pupu, thanks shahrul and all my new frens. not forgetting, my IPBA friends..rina, jaaz, hana, zatil, biha, and my secondary friends. rizal, azham, mim toge, thankss thankss! love u guyss! *lovelovelove*.MySpace about 12 p.m, the yellow and light members prepared for our forum. so, me, swee chen, rina, sidqi, gaya and bhavani helped aziz to complete his speech. wahaa~ the afternoon, we had the forum. quite boring and i was damn bored during that forum. i slept. heee! then, i woke up only during the michelle forum. haha! michelle was not da real name. i labelled them as michelle group as they were discussing about the transgender thing. azham, was a girl bafore and she changed into a man. totally a man. from michelle to michael. haha! it was very funny. the not funny thing was, there was a person who was asking the complicated question and memalukan org. haishh! this should not happen. i hate it. during the nite, we had really enjoy the skit performances. the performances were really nice and funny, i still can remember the story line of one malaysia theme for jaslene's,khalis's, mai's. razin's groups. all of the groups were really amazing!!

3rd day

haiyaa! the most thing wanted! school visit! weeehaa! i really can't wait for that. this is our first time outdoor activity. weee. i went to SK. Methodist. a girl school.haiyaa! erm. we went there by bus. my class combined with 1.2. they were just greatt! the standard one students were really cutee! love them and miss them too. i was in the group which the leader is hafiz. he was a very caring person. i just know that. wahaaa!~ so, i took 4 girls with me. syuhada, ulfah, and the other two i can't remember. i really love them because they were very cute and have the innocent looks. :) MySpacefo r the standard 4 students, they were quite notty and dah pandai response sane sini. haishh. i just couldn't imagine how my seniors do their praktikum. haiyaaa! but, i really enjoyed the situation there. we have been exposed to the school environment and it was really great. teringat pula dorang berebut rebut nk gegule n lolipop. eii. comel sunggohhh!!! now i realised that, the older the person, the eager for him to get candies. hahahahaa!!~ know wut guys, budak dajah 1 x berebut nk gegule. budak dajah 4 yg brebut sane sini mntak gegule. luckily, i bought enough for them. hiiii~ i noticed that, most of the students can't understand when i used the English as the medium. pity them. especially the standard one kids. but it's okay. they are still kids. butbutbut!, in my group, there was a girl, who can speaking fluently with me. so.layannn! :)

hukkk! miss all of them. dah balek, kne g BTP plak en. bosannnn! sngtsngttt! i slept, i ate the roti provided to us, smpai ada org perliperli lg. aishh! mlmnya, we had skits performance again. funny!!

last day

hurm. we had treasure hunt and telematch. i was one of the committe members. for telematch. the reward is i got sunburned. mmg besttt! berbelang muke ngan tgn aku! haiyakk! but, the main thing is enjoyed the game so muchh! thanksss soo much guys 4 being very funny and cooperative. the most fun group was syahmi's groupp! hahahaa! i still can remember what he has said. "guys, let me halauhalau these devils first." *sambil tgnnya menghayun menghalau sy. *hahaa! he was too funny! i bet, he will a very entertain teacher. hahahaa!!~ after the telematch and treasure hunt, we had closing ceremony. i just slept. ngantok gileee!! the best impromptu speaker, aishu, the best skit ever *hahaha!*, khalis's group, and best choral speaking, *marilah bergoyang...marilah bergoyang..hahahaa!* they presented their performances. gooddd!! during the evening, i just slepttt smpai x sedar diri. hahaa! best woh. woke up, already 6.30 p.m. took my bath, mandi sesegar yg mungkin..nyanyi melalak dlm toilet bagaikan org ilang ingatan.. wahaa! kne pegi surau.. solat berjemaah and we had yasin recite session. hurm. tenang jiwa.. but but butt! wahaa! during da nite, we had disco session. mmg x phm. but, i enjoyed that. but for me.. quite melampau la because we had some students yang danced in a very engross way.. erm. act, i love to sing, i love to dance but that nite was quite melampau. sy x salahkan sesiapa... mungkin perlaksanaannya tak sesuai because that nite was jumaat nite. hurm. fikirkanlah... bkn sy x sporting, tetapi sy merasakan ianya agak melampaui batasan. lpas bkak lampu, mulelah nk tutuptutup muka, kononnya malu. no need. sy x kutuk ya.. sbb sy sndri pown sngt enjoy pd mlm tersebut. lagu smue best! seyezly..i really enjoyed myself during that nite.. smpailah tgh mlm.. i packed up all my things..barulah sedar bhwa byknye brggg! hahaa! tidur yg lena...

last morning

berulang alik ke blok 3 sebanyak 3 kaliii! after all, especially when the lift was broke downnn! haiyakkkk!! penatttttttttttttt!! dlm hati ini berkata..x yah aerobik dah. ulang alik pown da cukup hebattt! dah smpai, mandi..do my laundry and bath. kne pegi class afta that. tension jeeee! dah pegi klas, air conditioner plak x berfungsi. mmg seronok berkampung kt jalanan tuh. haiyakkk!

my special thanks.. to all AFZANIANS, IPBARIANS and IBMIANS.. u guys were really awesomeee! thanks to SK Methodist 1, BTP. love u alll!!!


MySpacekuwe, tila, the chairperson, aziz and nadia. :)

i've met many new frens. muni (iptaa). paan (iptaa) shahrul (ibm). shassi (iptaa). many more.. thanksss thanksss! :)