01 December 2010

hooray !

hipphupp hooray ! received an award form my classmate (tetibe jek tingat IPBA), ingke @ iqa @ boinkboink . this ain't my first award actually . it is my 3rd award . so, a token of appreciation to u miss boinkboink .kinda nicey nice award . btw, how do people make this award ha ? it continues to puzzle me . anyone ??

Sila jelaskan kenapa anda suka ber-blog?
@ the ultimate purpose is to mrepek mraban in English . kinda want to improve my English as well. i love to read my blog actually . and realized massive mistakes there. share my opinions, my thoughts and my feelings as well.i don't like people to judge my blog. because, i don't judge other's blog. is that enough ? haha ! @

Apa motif anda tarik followers? Anda superstar kah?
@ err,followers ? not at all. i really appreciate when people follow my blog. @

Cerita sikit perangai anda
@ sensitive (well,girl). i will go mad when things are doing wrong . i hate blurr people who are acting not at their age . i love to judge people who are doing good in their business. i always believe, we can do anything that we want
, as long as we have the effort to do it . @

Pernah terfikir nak masuk magazine aka mewar-warkan mewara-warakan belog anda? Mengapa?
@ nope.@

Sila tembak bloggers lain.

@famous blogger . (^_^)@

~ merazati ~
~ azham ~
~ abg yan ~
~abg ijad ~
~ ustaz takkompom ~

enjoy it ! (^_^)


mera zati M.z said...

tenkiu2 :) dah post entry dah..sila2 :)


iqa pika said...

ngai.. haha.. blur ppl who not suits their age?

obviously, u hardly 4get those ppl.. same goes here.. work hard to shield myself from raging fire.. hiyarghh!!!!

s. u. f. i. said...

@mera - haha, okayyy ! :)

@iqapiqa - will not forget . :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Alhamdulillah, thank you for awarding me and my blog with this award. I will receive the award later, because I cannot do it now due to time constraint. I promise that I will attend the award-giving ceremony and prepare a post about this, heheh....

.:: Zul ::. said...

tq teacher! dah post dah..hee :D
aip.ustaz takkompom? apakah???haha


iDzruLezZ said...

thanks for d award..nnt abg ijad buat keh! ^^

s. u. f. i. said...

@azham - no biggie dear. take ur time . :)

ustaztakkompom - haha, nicee ! i like !

@abg ijad - okayokay ! :D