18 March 2009

hurm.. what should i choose??

i just got my result few days before..
just got 5a,3b n 2c..
a little bit sad actually..
but, it's ok..
so, what should i choose??
maybe yes..
because it is just 1 year..
but is is little bit hard than diploma..
if i choose diploma, it is about 6 semesters..
need more time before can jump to degree..
what is ur opinion?????
just pray to Allah..
i wish i will get the offers that i already applied..


sufi is sue said...


cekadak said...

i think u should choose matrik lor...hehe...
but i think ntra faundation ngn dip..fdtion ok ag...kjap je...tp..lps abeh fdtion 2 mesti ada niat smbg stdy lor..jgn teus nk keja..coz sjil xlku...cm matrik gak..huhu...4me..im not agree bout dip lor...but klo de owg lenn yg stju 2...share la sma2....

sufi is sue said...

The foundation course is better alternative for admission to the Dgree course though it requires hard work , but the rewards are too many particularly it saves time frm about 8 yeras required for doing Degree after the diploma as compared to 4 yeras with the foundation course

ily p: If one chose the Diploma alternative he has the advantage of getting job just in 3 years because u get job after Diploma ( though it maybe a bit inferior than what one gets after Degree course)

this comments is from my fren, ily...~

takdename said...

hah!at last..jmpa gak owg yg bincang bab ney..

sufi is sue said...

haha!! biase arh.. bru dpt result kn...