18 March 2009


and so we talkes all nite about rest of our lives
where we're gonna be when we trun 25
i keep thinking times will never change
keep on thinking things will always be the same
but when we leave this
years we won't come back
no more hanging out cause we're on different track
and if u got something that u need to say
you btter say it rite now cause u don't have another day
cause we're moving and we can't slow down
these memories are playing like a film without sound
and i keep thinking o
f that nite in june
i didn't know much of love
but it coming soon
and there was me n u
and then we got real blue
stay at home talking on the telephone
we'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
laughing at ourselves th
inking life's not fair

and this is how i feel bout my frens..
so frens, show up urself..
i love all of u soo much!!~
hope don't lose our friendship yeah!~

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