27 July 2009

i should be optimist

"i'm very dissopointed with u girl"

this simple word hurts me most.
idky it can be happened.

i'm really sorry if my presentation was not good enough 4 u.
i've done my best just to give the best for u.
and my friends too.
n i think that u r not fair because why only my group have to present our research for an hour, but others just 20 minutes??
is that just because we were presenting malaysian culture???
others just have to present africa, england n bla bla bla....

but its oke.
next tyme will be better.

thanx to Mr. Thirru

u make me realized that the journey that i'm taking is not an easy pathway for me..
although it is hard, but i must face it.

i'll try my very best next time.

'i'm little bit sensitive'

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