05 January 2011

one step further .

assalamualaikum . well, i just had sweet time for three days of degree orientation . not to be negative, but that was the situation . the abgkakak fesi were actually from our own cohort and two or three were our seniors . it was a real messy condition, but i was not in the pengurusan team, maybe it was hard to deal with us . oh yeah, i can feel that . it is not easy to handle sweet little pampered students like us . a gargantuan thank you to these people .

i don't want to talk much about the orientation . i want to express my superior fear feeling about the new alien subjects for this new semester . ohh linguistic, literature *high level * sejarah tamadun, child development, bm komunikatif, and philosophy of Malaysia education . overall, history type of learning . haha, i wont say that i hate history, but i just don't like it too much .

of course the literature subject will be a totally different from the previous time . from the briefing, i could feel the hardship of going through this subject . warghhhh ! linguistic , name mcm sedap . the toughest subject i reckon . for bm, haha, i don't have to say anything .

i just don't want to be a pessimistic student . chillax !

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