24 July 2010

vampires versus dreams

well.do u hv any idea what i'm gonna post this time? huu.basically,all bout 2 movies that i watched last week with my buddy,Farah.

well. eclipse - 4/10inception - 9/10
y? because eclipse has too many romance scenes. i didn't expected to watch a love movie but i expected that the movie has many conflicts. haiyaaa!~

but,i love Jacob and Jasper!

inception - too many conflicts. until i couldn't understand the story line.peningpening! but,rating 9.3. (^_^)

Eclipse. (^_^)

oh.he's so cute! don't you think so?

vampire. Jasper. (~.^)

the real Eclipse!

one of the scenes.

i like New Moon rather than Eclipse.

Jacob. (~.^)

the first. Twilight. quite boring~


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