03 July 2010

this is what we called as LIFE!

while waiting for maghrib, i wanna write this. while i'm listening to the songs in my VLC's list.

new semester. new spirit. new friends. oh i mean,juniors. and seniors too. who will be back to IPBA soon. i guess so. so, whats new bout me? i guess nothing. just being more fat and fatter. ahahaa! well, stayed at home for about 3 weeks. mkn tdo mkn tdo. and facebooking. tagged people in pictures and videos. well, it was kinda fun for me. actually, this sem is my final sem for foundation course. well, it's quite frightening since i'm not good in the business. the pressure is on. maybe i wanna do some changes here and there bout myself. not gonna be lazy anymore (walala). can i? i'm trying my best.

save some money instead of going out and watching movies. actually, i'm addicted to watch movies since i didn't for my hols.* simpan duwet.* ahaaa!~ but, through my deep thinking, i should save some money. because i wanna use my own money for my driving license. *jgn ketawa, i dun hv any license yet*so, about RM1000+ to be saved in my account. Ya Allah, bantulah hambaMu yg lemah ini. i need to get rid of the useless shopping and buying. *kene doa bykbyk ney* it's not easy to get rid off ^nafsunafsu^. so, i planned not to eat outside during nite. can save about rm5.00. *dikitdikit,lamalama jadi bukit* this is my plan, and i'll work hard towards it. (^_^)

academic performance. so, to tell the truth, i was not doing well with my academic last 2 semesters. i was playing and fooling around. but this time, i really need to be more serious and serious about my academic. since, this is my final sem la~ i plan to read more, any kind of materials. and writing more in english. hurm. insyaAllah, God willing. work hard, pray hard. i want to use every moment to improve myself, become a better student,friend and daughter. so, friends, do support me! for my LS group, i'm in da second last group. quite sad, but, i'm glad to have my own mentor as my LS lecturer. i really hope that she'll help me in my academic performance because i really need supports! more on writing, sentence structure,grammar. oh Lord, help me!actually, it has been a week i've here. so, 5 days of class. quite afraid with LDS. because, my lecturer is quite fast and i couldn't catch up with his lessons. so, i need to work hard to help myself clear about it. huh! for SS, just the same. ES, interesting! because we are studying about 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. i have the novel as well as the movie. well, the movie is more interesting than the novel. i enjoyed the movie and i'm wondering when i'm gonna finished with the novel. it's quite thick and the writing is also small. it's okay.i'm working towards to finish it!

my lovely mentor, which is Kak Nisa is going to her practicum this Monday. for how long i'm not very sure. so, i hope she can do it well. chaiyokk Kak Nisa! to all seniors especially Kak Nurul, Kak Farina, all the best! (^_^)

i'm welcoming the juniors to IPBA. i was shocked when i was told that all the juniors are TESLians. gud to hear that. (^_^)

that's all for now. thanks for reading! (^_^)

~be great in act, as you have been in thought ~
William Shakespeare

i just love myself.


kisahdreamer said...

thanks for the luck.
thrilled~~ to see my name there. .
All the best to you too.
If need any help, don't hesitate to reach me. I'll try my best to help.

s. u. f. i. said...

all the best!

tc to u too!