04 July 2010

all about my love.

since i was small,i really love cats.maybe because of my 'keturunan' lah kowt. both sides,my dad and my mum's family really love cats. sbb tuela berjangkit ney. i have 9 cats at home. but,they always make troubles. naek atas kereta org. unfortunately,my neighbours don't like cats. not at all. *rase malang je.sedey tawww!*

i called my mum this morning and she said that she had put some of my cats at the market. *sedey gile weyyyyyyy! naseb baek kuceng yg tak comel je dye letak.hahaha!* so, i do have 6 cats at home. it's not easy to look over them. they eat a lot! 3 kg of fish for 2 days. my dad decided to buy the cheap one. 1kg for rm1. heee. *jimat sket* 3 of them are still kittens. so cutee!

well. my mum is a cat lover. *kipas susah mati punya* whenever the cat is sick,she will bring them to the nearest clinic. *selseme pown bwk g jumpe doktor* hurm. just kike human. i don't know why my cats eat so much. almost all the time,eateateat. *ade cacing ke ape?* but, i really love to watch them eating. so cutee! sometimes,sngtlah rakus. smpai berbunyikbunyik. (^_^)

i just knew about a species. bambino. from alexs nuk. one of my IPBArian friends. this species is quite weird.it's hairless. veryvery weird. for more info,click here.

nie kuceng kt mid valley.dah takde skrg.cute kan?

nie pown kuceng kt mid valley. gemokk!

this is one of my cats. Ako. (^_^)

that's all. (^_^)


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