08 July 2010


p/s = this post is regarding to a few number of people. i just write it,because it is deep in my heart.

oh. i really can't stand this anymore. the pressure is really on. idk how to manage it. emotional intelligence? oh go to hell.

good news. we (PPISMP TESL 3.1 -3.4 ONLY) are needed to be at the stupid stadium for few stupid things. angkatangkat bendera,human graphic amende ntah. the pressure is really on top because i planned to meet my parents since they want to come here tomorrow. and FYI,they came here last week and unfortunately,i couldn't meet them because i was busy for few things.when it comes to a FREE weekend,suddenly this rubbish came.

interesting. only 4 CLASSESS will go to that place for that event. what about others? we asked the MPPs,but they said that it's easier for them to do the suratsurat pengecualian klas. wtf? and do the people who are involved with the pengarah's retirement,don't have to go? so,they'll be free and just working for that thing. while we need to act like stupid rubbish people doing that thing. pengalaman? wut pengalaman? with juniors and biadab KPLIs ? this is really rubbish!

lagi tua lagi biadab kan?

this is my strong impression towards the KLPI students. tak matang langsung. muke dahla tua,hodoh,gemok! mukemuke pengganggur. tak dpt kerja,apply la cikgu. tue pown naseb baeklah dpt. senang sket kan "abgabg kakakkakak"? i don't see them as adult. childish. mcm monyet. sedar sket ea. dah tua buat cara tua. sedar sket ea,u guys were being here for just 3 weeks. takya tunjuk perangai monyet lg. dahla huduh! dahla asked stupid questions. nmpak sngtla kebodohannya tue.

so,for those who read this,read and forget bout it. tq.

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