18 December 2009

i hate this damn so much!

have u ever feel this? UNWANTED. this is my feeling right now. maybe, just a feeling. might be i'm a very sensitive girl. wut if i say yes? yes! that's me! i'm sensitive. so what??? hurh! i fell like jerk rite now. wanna shoot them! huh~ them damn @#!$%~ if they need me, they will go around n everywhere to seek for me. they will absolutely forget me of they don't need me. hurh? wut kind of frens are they?? *bule pergi main jauh jauh! * dun ever say u miss me. already got new frens, forget all ur old frens. syuh syuh syuh! bak kate pepatah habis madu sepah dibuang! i hate hate hate hate this! ruined my emotions! nah! go away! i will shut up my mouth, my fingers! no more texting u! if u r sad, y r u looking 4 me? just go away! far away with ur silly probs! non of my bussiness! hurh~~~ yes! hypocrite is everywhere. well, i'm going to be a hypocrite too. hey hey hey!!! watch out!! my heart is screaming badly! huarghh!! take revenge?? no no no! hey! let them be! hooooooooooooooo. i really feel isolated..n really wanna be unfriend with u guys anymore. bad feeling rite? well, that's all what i feel rite now! in other words..memutuskan silaturahim. ish ish ish. how bad am i. i will fake a smile for u. x ekhlas punye. to show that i'm happy being with u! kununnye larh! hurh! i really hate this u guys. but, it's okay! sod ba ro. but, it have limits. i know that i'm nobody to u guys. just a gurl. a friend yg u guys can't hang out anymore. wtv. if that so, get lost! i know i'm very limited to hang out again just like before. hurh. is that means u should ignore me? hah??!! answer me!!! nah. it's okay. just go on as what u like.
i'm utterly realized, i'm nobody. enough.

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