22 December 2009

heaven can wait

i've just done my reading.
a novel.
my dad gave it.

heaven can wait.
by cally taylor.
price - rm 35.00

quite expensive.
tp, x kesah.
abah blanje.

here's the synopsis.

Lucy Brown is the happiest she's ever been. she's about to marry the man of her dreams-kind, handsome, witty Dan and everything she's always wanted is finally within her reach. but the nite be4 her wedding, Lucy has a fatal accident.

she is offered a choice : accept a lifetime's separation from her soul mate to go to heaven or stay with Dan forever..and become a ghost. for her, there is only one option - she will not leave Dan. but it turns out things aren't quite as easy as that. if she wants to become a ghost she has to find true love for a complete stranger.

and when she discovers that her so-called fren Anna is determined to make a move on the heartbroken, vulnerable Dan..the pressure is really on..

ha..that's da synopsis. it's quite illogical. but, so funny, warn and romantic. i really love this story coz it's very funny, simple English [ but sometimes i referred the oxford 2..hahhaa!]. so, i got a new novel to be completed. Pendragon- the soldiers of Halla. huuu... love it!

thanks 4 reading!


nurain rodze said...

boleh pinjam ? hehe

s. u. f. i. said...


tentu bule!

it's very nice.