18 November 2009

this isn't gudbye..sob3!!

F.P. TESL 1.4.
we had a farewell party for our 1st sem.
act, was a little bit sad.
because we r going to be apart for 1 month++
deep in my heart.
quite sad.
thinking about if i had done sumthin wrong to them.

so, we started our party wif da lunch *masing2 dah berkeroncong actually*
after we had some ayam msak merah, some curry...fruits..n so on..
each of us were allowed to give speech..
so, we started with our leader, Muhammad Syahmi..
he prayed that he will not going to be the leader anymore..hahahaha!!

then sorang demi sorang la..

then, madam tan's turn to give us a speech *but act, she gave us lecture!!!*
when she gave us her speech..act, i realised that..
i really love my classmates here..
they are wonderful, awesome!
thanx 4 being my cool frens here..

2nd thing that i realised was..
i'm too small in diz huge world.
this world is too big for me, undiscovered.
*selepas aku ditembak bertalu-talu di dlm klas oleh beliau..hahahaha* err..
my essay wasn't good enough for her and myself.
i'm not satisfied with my own work actually..
wut nonsense i'm talking about???
tp, btolla...
i really blurred today..
toooooo many things to do during this precious holidays.

so, i wanna make my own speech.

to all my awesome classmates.
thanx ea. i love u all~

to my love crush *hahaha!! sapekah??? u noe who r u....*
i always pray the best 4 u dear....
*although u never noe that i love u*

to my mentor
madam, thanx 4 ur advices all this while.
i really appreciate them.
danke 4 being my mentor, my SS lecturer, my mother..
u r so sweet....
u r a wonderful person to me.

to housemates
lalala~ next year we r going to be the residents of blok 3.
nak kew?? x nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

to all my lecturers

i dunno what more to say....
to myself
u r awesome baby!!
keep it cool!
please improve ur english ea dear.
i know u love me~

last but not least..
kepada sesiapa shj yg mngenali dri ini..
x kesahla..
name kew, pnah ckp kew, x pnah ckp ke, pnah senyum ke, add kt fb/ms kew...
thanx ea!
sorry 4 everything!!

my english wasn't so good. sy budak bru blaja..klu slh, tlg tunjukkan.



Aliaa Ezekiel said...

ada love crush...
sapekah budak iteww??

s. u. f. i. said...


abeh terkantoi ngan kak aliaa~

oh no!!~