02 November 2009

mission accomplished!

yay! nothing more can i say than alhamdulillah. everything's was so great! my frens and me (PPISMP Tesl) done it with such in great ways! we've prepared for a long time, n didn't sleep... hahahha!! (am i lying???) hahaa! idts that i'm lying. becoz, all i can see was da coorperation between da group members, and also the whole class. but, not only my own class, but also others. they were so creative in representing their exhibition. i reallly shocked that dat da response from other students were so amazing! i expected dat there's nobody will come to or exhibition, but it was totally wrong! so... it was totally great!! we were evaluated by Mr. Manoharan (my EI lecturer),Madam Tan Aig Bee (i love u) my mentor, Sir Monaharan, our HOD, Dr. Suraya. i juz wanna say say congrats to al my frens from PPISMP 1.1-1.6. u guys did a great job!! thanx to all, especially my group..hana, sheema n my. and also my mentor as well as my ss lecturer's. thanx!! danke..!!

my exhibition centre

my topic-multiculturalism

my dearest classmates n mentor, Madam Tan..

i really njoyed diz exhibition. this was da 1st tyme i was involved in diz kind of xhibition. so.. i hope dat we will get gud marks 4 diz task. thanx to all!! :D

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