08 November 2009

mahligai cinta

i'm already addicted to this novel.
sorry madam, i could not 'tahan' myself from reading this book.
i know i should read some english materials.
but, i also learnt sumthin good from this marvellous novel!
act, when i was reading diz novel a few days ago, it touched me in a very great way.
now i noe that it is not easy to take care of a relationship.
especially in the family.
a small family, but the positions is high.
wut i mean here is...
the mother - CEO of a company
the same goes to the father.

so, there are too many conflicts in this novel.
basically, love conflicts.
not only dat, but it across the world.
across many cultures and religions.

so, it's not easy to take care of others feelings.
it's hard to lost the love that we've shared before with our beloved ones.

i admit that family is really important in everybody's life.
*siapakah kita tanpa famili kita??*

the same goes to our siblings...
it's hard to accept the facts if our brother ke..sister ke..involved in an accident!

can u imagine one of ur siblings was involved in airplane crashed??
wut worst is we dun noe whether he's alive or not...

one more thing..
can u imagine that u r going to have another mother..or..stepmother???
*yg lg lawa, lg cun, lg pndai amek aty ur daddy*

ssh kn..
but we as human..
it is part and parcel of life...

jagelah hubungan anda dengan famili sebaik mungkin ea!


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