23 June 2012

new semester, new me ?

                                                                     a bit blueish. 

awww blogger has new features. i just realized that.

been quite busy lately. with the new schedule coming in and whatsoever. while writing this my roommate gave a bar of chocolate from Langkawi Island which im not sure what's its brand. very yummy. me like it !

the result is out. as expected. whatever it is, alhamdullilah to you Allah. alhamdulillah. there's a beautiful rainbow that you created for me behind all these sadness and frustrations.i pray you'll give me some strength to move on  and work harder this semester. ameen.

the schedule is quite crazy for this semester where we have few subjects but with more credit hours. haih. why la why ? it's getting tougher nowadays to be a teacher. yeah bukan senang kan. whoever says to be a teacher is an easy pathway, i'll kick your ass.

Ramadhan is approaching and honestly, tak sabar pulak. but im not sure whether i would be able to cope with the activities in the college as kawad kaki lah, class as usual *i guess*. harapharap boleh melalui Ramadhan kali ini dengan sempurna, seeking for His blessings and Jannah ameen. insyaAllah jika umur masih ditakdirkan panjang. 

i think that'd be all. A'salam !

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