01 June 2012

a bit of freedom

it is holiday season. yeah, isn't that terrific? away from IPBA and its rules for about three weeks. away from colleagues or a term which i prefer, 'friends'.

 it is the moment i am free to do anything that i really love. perfect time to purchase some new novels, reading up friends' entries, watching movies,eating homemade food *of course the best cooking in the world,which is mum's cooking*, meeting siblings, lying on the bed at all time, cycling, tweet and of course the list goes on. not to mention, a perfect time to reflect everything that i have gone through and done at IPBA. both academically and personal things. academically, i guess everything went fine except for my Classroom Management component. a bit tough. assignment didn't go well. am quite upset about that. nothing new on personal side. more mature, i guess? hihihi !

a month ++ to go before Ramadhan approaches. can't wait. Allahumma baariklana fii rajabin wa sya'baana wa ballighna ramadhaan.Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, berkatilah kami pada bulan Rejab dan Syaaban dan sampaikan (hidupkan) kami ke bulan (sehingga) Ramadhan. ameen.

on other unrelated topic. holiday = weddings. happy marriage and congratulations ! :)

maybe that's all for this time update. bye !

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