19 April 2011

unstable emotions.

i think im not that strong to face all these rubbish around me made by brainless people. sorry friends. i do feel offended when you guys ignored some of the grouping assignments. i do feel hurt when you guys seemed too selfish . that's why i hate, reallyreally hate grouping work. why can't the boys be more alert about all these? takkan nak alert psl juniors sabah sarawak yang chantekchantek tue je kowt ? ape kejadahnye? ada faedah ke?

deep in my heart, i wish i don't have classmates like you guys. i don't mind if you guys did the wrong thing during the foundation year. we had discussions about this and you guys never realized even a single mistake you did. why ?

kalau mengumpat, number satu . mcm korang uh perfect sangat. sape korang ? malaikat ke ? mulot masingmasing mcm longkang, keje ? hmmmmm...

klu babbab juniors,membirah masingmasing. klu babbab keje grouping and so on, kene ketuk baru nak buat. kan?

FYI, i never had classmates like you guys. for almost these 2 years, i think i've been tortured in the hell of the world. sumpah.

i don't know why you guys tak pernah nak rasa bersalah or whatever. rasa mcm hebat sngt lah tuh kan ? penatlah .

we had discussions about this. you guys know me well right ? aku hambur je bile aku nak hambur. sometimes, i don't care about others feelings. tapi, korang mcm tak kesah je. lagi teruk adalah.

skrg aku dah malas. bukan malas erti im lazy to do my work, but in the sense that i would like to avoid communications with you guys. for a little short period of time. sorry , i think im a loser. skrg kita buat hal msg2 lah okay ? msg2 sedar tanggungjawab masing2, klu tak sedar jugak, please kill yourselves. the money that we are using right now is not our own money, not even only our parents money, but it is the citizen's money. people are paying us to study, even the poor pay the tax. even the poorest. tak sedar ke wey ?

tak rase berdosa or bersalah ke gune duwet org, tapi tak study betobetol ? perangai tuh tolongah ubah sket. penatlah . penatlah. penatlah.

i don't know about the coming years. 3 more years. we still have the chance to change ourselves. please,i'm begging you.

sorry, i think that my facial expressions would be a little bit of kelat klu kita terserempak. mmg akan pun kan, we are classmates. if you don't like it, avoid me.

p/s - this entry is posted based on my deep heart hurt feelings for almost 2 years. thanks .
it is in written form, might be effective enough than the spoken harsh words.

O Allah, i'm so sorry. please make me strong . please. please. please. ameen.

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