17 April 2011

phew !

yeahyeahyeah. the most hectic hell week has just gone.phew! at least, i have some more fresh air to still awake and alive.sososo, the exam week is coming,and yet im not prepared.of course,no time yet. *aicecece* kalau malas katakan malas...

so,what shall i write here? nothing much, wanna share..wanna share anything that i could share with you guys.nothing interesting,just undergone the most crazy week *at this moment* as an IPBA's student.

no idea to be shared at this time, just wanna update kosongkosong sahaja.

it' actually im addicted to a song, Sg Lui by AizatAmdan. whott, this song just impressed me with the meaningful lyric.

eberidey oso nid to lisen tu dis song. aiyoo,edikted edi maaa !

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