02 June 2010

me and my heart. lalalaa~

it's basically about my life. love, friends, family, pets, rumates, clasmates and everyone who appears in my life. *thanks to them, make my like so colourful and tasteful*.

i had a friend. use 'had' because i think that he is my friend no more. okay. lets start it. he used to be my friend, before he met his lost heart ( i mean gf). and before that, he looked desperate with his ex, merayu sana sini. so, when he got a new one, he said that he wants to give freedom to his ex to get a new buddy too. erm. x paham aku. okaylah. bahasa malaysia berbunyik mcm nie. bila x dpt merayurayu, bila dah dapat lupa yg duludulu. understand? i hope so. and idk y he treats me like a stranger to him. if that so, i will play the game. as for me, friendship game. i guess so. so, lets see. who will win this game. i'll treat him like an alien to me if he does to me so. we'll see.

my love one. oh two! oh three! hahaha! :)) actually, i went to mid valley just now. watched movie wif my buddies, farah and ika. i saw many couples around us. chinese, malays(mostla!) and not to forget, indians. huuuu. i enjoyed to see them. and sometimes i was annoyed too. heee. sometimes, i was wondering, how do people feel when they have special gf/bf? i can't recall the feelings right now. my friends said that, ~if u dont have any, Allah doesn't choose you to have any, because He loves you. He doesn't want you to fall.~ yeahyeah~ i do think the same, so shall i wait and see? for this moment, just wait la weyyy! i remember one of my friends, her name is jaja. well, she's a brave girl. :) once she likes that person, she will just tell the truth to that person. haha! i could still remember what she did when we were in the same school. she wrote letters for the boys that she liked, even the juniors. but, the thing is, the persons that she liked, will respond positively to her. and i was amazed! :))

i don't have my heart here. my soul. physically, i am here. here in IPBA. idky recently, i'm not in da mood of smiling at people, say hi or whatever. and if i do so, terpaksalah tue. so, jgn terkejutla sekiranya sy terjelingjeling kt u. okay?

my pet! ehem. just got new kittens. aish. my mom called me, and she was sooooooooooo excited! idky!oh yeah! cat lover. cat lovers. we are cat lovers! nk citer, kuceng sy yg satu lagi, yg merupakan anak kpd yg melahirkan anak 3 ekor td, KEGUGURAN!!! cean dye... :(( dahla cute~ aish. sabo yee!

hurm. i'm going back alone for this sem hols. somebody promised wanna be my chaperone, and now she's gone. SELFISH! hurhhhhh!!! so, dlm agak keraguan, i need to go home alone. hauh wey perjalanan! grrrrrrr! tensi arhhhhhhhh!! idk how to face this. takut kowt! i pray hardly to Allah, so that He will provide me with a safe journey back home. really miss them!~ miss my mum, dad, adik kecik yg hakikatnya suda besar, aishhh! miss my moni and abi.

ha, i watched 2 movies. Prince of Persia and also Shrek final - forever after. i was amazed by this two movies. each of them contains good messages to deliver to the audience.

Prince of Persia - heee. i love the hero, Prince Dastan. he was not the son of the king, but he was very brave. erm. nk tawu lebih lanjut, tgklah sndri ya. but, worth it! :)

Shrek forever after - wahhh! it is very funny. and i found that the message here is, appreciate everyone and everything that appears in our life, for once, we won't regret if we lost them. quite touching, and love matters have been highlighted here. love for the country, love for hubby and wife, children and friends. yes, worth your money!

thanks for reading. and, i am sorry. i has a very Bad English.


Anonymous said...

wahhh.... hebat nya english sufi.. bagus la boleh difahami... klau org putih baca pon boleh paham.... yg ak paling suka part "if u dont have any, Allah doesn't choose you to have any, because He loves you. He doesn't want you to fall" bagi ak benda ni la banyak merosakkan remaja zaman skrg... so bersyukur lah kita tidak diuji dgn ujian yg berat seperti itu.... klau kena mungkin hanyut dibuai nikmat dunia sehingga kita lupa tujuan sebenar utk hidup..... peace :))) nice blog keep it up...

s. u. f. i. said...


thanks anonymous!


masih dlm proses pembelajaran!~ :D