13 June 2010

makanmakan and family;

at last, the time has come. heeee. actually, i wanna tell about my cousin's wedding. held about a few days back. hueee. a day before the grand ceremony, i was too busy and busy and busy preparing for the wedding. *buat bnga telurla,inaila, itula...inila...*. but, it was fun. well, this is my first time involving myself in this such ceremony. and suddenly in the evening, there was a 'macik' asked my mum...

"eh, anak sape ney?"

"la, anak sy la..."

"la...da beso da dye. dulu tgk kecik je lg..."

"erm. dah 19 da..."

i was quite blurred. are they talking bout me? ahaaa~ so, i smiled at the 'macik'. out of sudden, she asked me,

"dah ada yg berpunya ke?"

tersedak jap aku yg tgh minum air at that moment. sakit kerongkong aku~


suddenly, my aunt said...

"dah ada la tue..."


so, i admitted that i don't have any. i was very blurred at that time.

"anak macik sebayela ngan kamu."

"owh. sape?"

then, the 'macik' said a name. but, i can't recall the name right now. oh, whateverla~ my aunt tetibe nyampuk,

"ai, berkenan ke yg ney?"

perghhhh. tersedak once again.


she just laughed. i don't understand the meaning of her laughter. then, i just walked away from there and joined my cousins with the bunga telur.

the next day, i woke up late. i heard people gossiping in the kitchen. haha~ i guess, msti my cousins yg bergosip ney. i walked down. and my guess was true. they were preparing the dishes for the groom and bride. i was too lazy to do it because we need to decorate the dishes and i'm not good at it. so, i left them and played with my fat cat. i bathed it and then took bath for myself. the sun was shining brightly makes me so lazy to go the bride house although it is not too far. i just went there to eat, then go back. :D am i good?? hehe~
so, that's all for now.

next entry "calon menantu pilihan abah"



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telaga budi said...

bese la tue..usia da mkin meningkt
fmly msti da start plan da tue

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sy mude agy okay???