30 April 2010

friends and love.

act, at 1st, i was in the mood to write...
but, now the mood has gone away....


baru lepas melantak kt garden(terime kaseh abeabe sekalian...)
kenyang perut suka hati!

this morning...
i had the public speaking evaluation.
idky i was toooo nervous.
till i can feel that my voice was shivering badly.
it was pretty awful!
i can see that all my friends did well in their speeches.
but i failed!
during the reflection session that was about 20 minutes before the LS period finished, i reflected on my speech.
everybody realised that i wass too nervous, including Mr. Thirru.
i don't have any idea why i should nervous until it affected my speech.
maybe, the environment.

lately, i was too damn busy with the play production, Macbeth.
act, i wass proud with the TESLians during the 1st rehearsal.
they were just tooo awesome!
there were some did well.
some not.
but, we still have time to buck up with it.
more expression, more feeling.
jia you guyssss!
everynite, we have meeting.
for the acting, the costumes, the props(most crucial this time)
our stage manager,our director..
and all of PPISMP TESL 1.3 + 1.4...
not to forget some secondary students...
mira, lam and amirul syahmee...
jia you guysss!
come on!
i really hope we can make the most happening act!
i do pray to Allah...
we can do the best!
and we leave the rest to Him...
abe we, me myself, shima, syamee, syamer, mirul, mai, sya..
do the best!

cube teke sapekah encikrabbit yg sy maksudkan?
he is just too cute.
biarlah rahsia...

on last thursday, the rhythm of the champions was just too awesome!
we have 6 bands...
last minute, 3 missed calls, K-mistery, cafe blok 4, pride of year 4...
i just can't believe that they were very talented!
boys and girls.
congrats guysss!
sesape yg menang, congratss!
sesape yg kalah...relaxxx!
but, u guys were just amazing!
gud job!

this weekend, i'm off without money.
abah janji nk masukkan duwet, tp lambat agy.
i wanna buy contact lenses and new shoes.
maw yg branded tp murah.
mana maw carik?
bak kate iqa, vincci sudeyh.

so, babai!

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