17 May 2011

spark !

it has been quite a long time i didn't write anything here. kankankan ? since si kacakhandsome uh get married with superdupergorgeous woman.

final is just around the corner . my beloved Universities friends, of course. they have just finished with the torture. all of them are busy texting me "wey Sufi,bila nak mai umah aku? aku ada anak sedara baru nie", "wey Sufi, hang bila nak habes ? aku nak blanja hang McD ney". such a boring questions sometimes because they are eager to meet me, kononkonon mcm reunion lah kan. haha ! miss you so much friends . miss waktu prep, waktu masingmasing bergaduh nak tunjuk pandai dlm subjek Addmaths . now,everyone has split themselves to North,South,East and West Malaysia . huuu,rindurindu !

now, it's my turn to turn my head upside down with the examination. Ya Allah, too many facts to be memorized, of course dealing with Philosophy of Education is hard ever. while i was browsing through FB, some people (friends la) said that, "Falsafah is such a Falsampah". haha, sabar ya friends . cute pulak quotation ney . haha, btw friends, you really need to bear with these 'Falsampahssss' because it is our first paper . hafal jgn tak hafal ! but,seriously lah kan, it is kind of boring when we need to study and memorize the facts of our Education system. too many reports,too many Education Acts, tapi, tak menjadi pun. trial for 2 or 3 years, then bubar. then we are supposed to learn all these 'pembubaran' project . not only 1 okay, lots of 'pembubaran'! pheww ! maybe the teachers, the victims of all these 'pembubaran' projects need to work a little bit hard kowt . but,bear in mind, teacher are also human beings . haa,ingt sng nak jadi cikgu ? to be a teacher trainee yourself is also considered as a torture . tapi,ikhlas hati ye kawankawanku yang bakal bergelar 'cikgu'.

i can see people are struggling with their books, mind you, thick books. and also Facebook. like me, hihihi ! study by using Facebook can be sometimes fun. token of thanks to Madam Jo . so people and friends, i wanna wish all the best, good luck, bonne chance ! sementara masih ada masa ney, study lah yaa . all the best,all the best,all the best ! InsyaAllah we will strive on !

before we open the book, it is better for us to start with do'a first . ;) amek berkat, biar syaitansyaitan lari bertempiaran and yakinlah dengan do'a yang kita baca sebab bukankah do'a itu senjata orang Islam ? ;) bismillahhirrahmannirrahim .


apple damein said...

yup that's right...tru philo subject we seems to know everythin..poor our teacher some more..haih~ nway good luck sufi..good for me too..

yeah, my friends too, sume tnyer, biler nk cuti-biler nk cuti..adehh

s. u. f. i. said...

haha, thank you apple damien .
u too, bonne chance !

tuela, can't wait 4 holidayssss !
happy studying and struggling !