12 February 2011


everything goes back to its normal position. and i am in very comfortable situations. just follow the flow here. wake up early in the morning. go to class as usual. go back to hostel with that weird lift. listen to lecturers during lecture hour in that sauna hall. everybody seems to have their own manual or electric fans. sometimes fall asleep. during that 5 mins break will talk actively with awesome talkative friends. then go to tutorial class. after that, go to perhimpunan if there's any. mentor mentee meeting perhaps. go back,take bath, dinner,tutorial questions and sleep. that's the way things are right now.

assignments ; 2 assignments . linguistics and bmk.

money ; no comment . i'm blessed with that huge amount of money. alhamdulillah.

friends ; oh, okay.reduce the conflict, try to be quite selfish . hate group work thingy. sorry guys

family ; everyone seems to be okay . alhamdulillah.

estoy bien !

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