15 January 2010


haha.at last.i'm here!ipba yg terchenta.so, lots of things to do during my second sem here.i think it's quite enjoyable because we have sports, even the persatuan!English Language Society.yay!at least, i'm da member of English committee here.even i did not hold any position, but i will support u guys. hahaha!then, i chose to play softball.wow!i haven't play softball for quite some time.so, already forgot how to play it.but, it seems like to be a very enjoyable sports because we have a great team! hahaa~erm.wut else?i think i've made many new frens although i have been here for 4 months.hehe.new frens from different courses.kajian sosial, maths and PSV.ha!one more thing, i really miss my former blok, Blok 4.huuuu~~~~i'm here. blok 3.lots of crazy seniors.i damnly dun like them.maybe, they just wanna show of their seniority, kekuasaan in this blok.y ha?dun have to do that.lif x leyh naek la, itu la, ini la. bla bla blaaaaaaa~~~wtv la.hey.i wanna go back to blok 4!!!! haiyoooo~ erm.this sem, i'm going to face a big examination.not really la.but as for me, it's bigggggggggg because the first exam.erm.quite scary.actually,i'm a exam phobia. lalallaaa~erm.that's all. lazy lazy~ babaiiiii~~~


Anonymous said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..........................

s. u. f. i. said...

i totally agree with u~